eldec develops heating and hardening solutions for electric motor production

by Markus Isgro
MIND Hardening Systems by eldec for Electric Motor Production

Experts are predicting an increased production of cars with electric motors. Though most of these cars will be hybrids, the increase in production will still pose a challenge to production planners. The question is how to process these larger quantities?

Precise Heating before Joining

Many electric motors contain components such as rotor shafts, gears or stators that need to be heated prior to joining or welding, or that require hardening. Often, eldec induction technology is the perfect solution! Example: Joining rotor shafts. The rotor plate package is heated to between 180 and 220°C (356 and 428°F) before low force joining. As it cools down, it locks firmly around the shaft.

Heating in 60 Seconds

The 70 kW ECO LINE generator by eldec is used as the energy source. The custom configuration of this generator ensures that a precise temperature is maintained. The entire heating process takes only 90 seconds. eldec technology also plays an important role in the joining of the stator with the electric motor housing or when joining gears to a shaft.

Easy to Integrate

The key benefits to the user is speed, precision and reliability when compared to alternatives. It can also integrate perfectly into any production environment.


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