EDNA Lifeline Dashboards

Visualizzazione dei dati di produzione e app dei dati

EDNA Lifeline Dashboards per avere tutto sotto controllo

Gli EDNA Lifeline Dashboards consentono di visualizzare e analizzare i processi della macchina o della linea produttiva per ottimizzare i cicli di lavorazione e mantenere il controllo su tutto, da dispositivo mobile o su PC.

Visualizzate e analizzate i processi della vostra linea produttiva!

The EDNA Lifeline Dashboards have been developed for producing companies who need to optimize processes based on data and visualizations.

Advantages for your production:

  • Transparency enables you to optimize your production facility
  • Get an overview of the data of EMAG machines and external manufacturers at a glance thanks to modern visualizations
  • Direct feedback on the production processes
  • Identify anomalies to prevent downtimes
  • Support your machine operators by providing proactive tool change information to prevent unnecessary non-productive times
  • Access the dashboard from a wide range of devices

Required hardware and software:

Additional upgrades:

  • Access to a number of other EDNA Lifeline Data Apps for generating added value from data
  • Andon Monitor (on request)
  • Individually customized apps for your use cases

Lifeline Data Apps:

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