06.03.2018 - Markus Isgro

Groundbreaking ceremony at EMAG: Major expansion of EMAG Group headquarters in Salach, Germany

Starting signal for new production and office wing of the EMAG Group in Salach: On March 5, the groundbreaking ceremony was held with representatives of the company, building contractors and politicians. Already in 2017, the company's steady growth had resulted in various construction measures. For example, a bridge was built over the adjacent Fils river to provide access to the site of a former...

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22.01.2018 - Markus Isgro

EMAG en GrindTec 2018: Componentes pequeños - gran precisión

La presión sobre los costes y la creciente exigencia de calidad condicionan más que nunca la fabricación de automóviles. Esto sitúa los procesos complejos, como el rectificado no cilíndrico, en el punto de mira: ¿Cómo se pueden realizar estos complejos procesos de rectificado de un modo aún más eficiente? El Grupo EMAG ofrece respuestas precisas a esta pregunta en GrindTec 2018, del 14 al 17 de...

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CVT transmissions: turnkey solutions from EMAG

EMAG develops end-to-end production solutions for soft machining and turning of CVT transmission components – interlinked and monitored.

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12.07.2017 - Markus Isgro

EMAG at the EMO: Focusing on electric drive systems and the “smart factory”

Electromobility and Industry 4.0 – these industrial megatrends are featured prominently in the EMAG Group booth at the EMO in Hanover from September 18 to 23 this year. Throughout the show, EMAG machine manufacturers will demonstrate their role as “facilitators” of technological change. For example, they have complete solutions available for the efficient production of central components of...

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03.05.2017 - Markus Isgro

VLC 200 GT de EMAG: Nueva solución a la medida para el torneado y rectificado de engrane para transmisiones de automóviles.

Hace ya décadas que la fabricación de transmisiones para automóviles se caracteriza por elevadas cifras de producción y una extrema calidad de las piezas. Sin embargo, el mercado y la técnica actuales experimentan una evolución cada vez más rápida: el número de marchas de nuestros automóviles aumenta de forma constante. Esto conlleva, por otro lado, un incremento continuo de los volúmenes de...

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07.11.2016 - Markus Isgro

eldec Quality Control: Control exhaustivo de la calidad para el templado inductivo

Los planificadores de la producción en la industria automotriz persiguen, cada vez más, una estrategia de "cero errores", en la medida en la que sea posible, ya que la complejidad técnica de los vehículos se ha incrementado enormemente en los últimos años. La consecuencia de ello son requisitos cada vez más exigentes, lo que supone un incremento del número de fuentes de error en la producción,...

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17.08.2016 - Markus Isgro

EMAG at the AMB: Expansion of the Modular Product Range

The success story of EMAG's modular machines continues at AMB. The modular machine concept was introduced by EMAG in 2011 and has turned into a favorite within the market. Starting with a focus on the development of vertical turning machines, in recent years, we have witnessed the integration of the EMAG Group’s full technology portfolio into this new machine model. Now, in addition to vertical...

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21.07.2016 - Markus Isgro

John Deere Honors EMAG with Supplier Award

During its International Supplier Meeting, John Deere as part of their “Achieving Excellence“ program, – presented EMAG with its prestigious “Partner-Level-Supplier Award“ for 2015. This Partner-Level status is the highest supplier rating that Deere & Company awards. It underlines the excellent working relationship between the two companies and the quality of the production machines EMAG Group has...

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12.07.2016 - Markus Isgro

VM 9 Turning Center: maximum flexibility in heavy-duty machining

Massive workpieces and small batch sizes – in wind energy plants, commercial vehicle production or the aircraft industry these extremes can clash. The VM 9 turning center from EMAG not only provides a productive solution to these industry sectors, but also has the functionality to be loaded and unloaded automatically or manually based on the customers’ demands.

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31.05.2016 - Markus Isgro

Aviation team at EMAG ECM develops customized Aero solutions

The key components for aircraft turbines are made of high-tensile, heat-resistant materials. For example, the blade integrated discs – high-pressure compressors inside the turbine – are made of nickel-based alloys that put a lot of strain on milling tools. The components aren’t the only thing feeling the heat, the competitive pressure the aircraft manufacturers are under is rising, with their...

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31.05.2016 - Markus Isgro

Modular vertical turning machines used by turning specialist Schneto AG

Schneto AG, located in idyllic Bennwil, near Basel, specializes in the production of turned parts up to 65 mm in diameter. The company has made a name for itself because of the outstanding quality of the parts it manufactures. Its output covers a broad range of parts, including parts for furniture making, for hydraulics and pneumatics, electrical equipment, automobiles and construction equipment.

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23.02.2016 - Markus Isgro

The all-rounder for highly flexible shaft machining

The “FAST 2025” study by the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) describes a trend towards suppliers within the automotive value-added chain. At the same time, shorter product cycles and an increasing range of models will change the car market, according to the authors. But what these changes mean for the production processes of suppliers and subcontractors can be seen through the...

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26.01.2016 - Markus Isgro

Impressive Technology from EMAG: Precise Electro-Chemical Machining (PECM) Replaces Engraving and Eroding

The packaging industry is a key example of the prevalent use of embossing and stamping dies. However, creating such embossing tools, with their delicate structure, to be durable against wearing during production is complex. It is easy to see how the traditional processes for manufacturing such dies can be costly. EMAG ECM offers a viable alternative, in the form of PECM, for the packaging and...

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02.10.2015 - Markus Isgro

How modular machines simplify production: EMAG at EMO 2015

Modular concepts are the star at EMAG booth B23 in hall 4 at EMO 2015 where modular machines will display their flexibility to be perfectly configured for a wide array of tasks. The newest modular automation system for fast and efficient linking to complete manufacturing systems as well as the new modular machine platform for processing large components will show not only how modularity simplifies...

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