Stozzatrice verticale a coltello per ingranaggi

CLC SZ Series

  • Modulo max.: 12 mm | 0.5 in
  • Ø max. pezzo: 1,500 mm | 59 in
  • Axial travel: mm 400 - 700

Highly Flexible Gear Shaping Machines for Gear Machining of Shafts and Gear Wheels

Workpieces with a diameter of 200 to 1,500 mm are machined on the universal gear shaping machines of the CLC-SZ series. On these machines, spur and helical toothing – both internal and external – can be machined. 

CLC SZ Series: Shaping Machines for Gear Machining 

The vertical gear shaping machines of CLC SZ series are optimally equipped for machining gears. They can handle workpiece diameters up to 1.500 mm. The electronic helical guide makes it possible to also flexibly machine gearwheels with a pitch angle. And thanks to the shaping head that can be moved vertically, the re-tooling times are minimized. Additionally, the process times can be reduced by means of an optional tool changer when using a rough- and fine-cutting wheel.

The machines in the SZ series are excellent solutions for machining toothing on shaft and gearwheel workpieces, regardless of whether an individual part or a series is needed. For larger quantities, the machine can be equipped with an automation system and a tool changer. This also reduces the processing times and costs.

The steady is optionally available in a retractable version. This makes it possible to work on both gearwheels and shafts on the same machine. The shaft length can vary wildly, depending on the machine configuration, and is checked on a case-by-case basis.

The machine can also be used for wide toothing, by making use of shuttle shaping. The convexity of the toothing and a slight conicity can be modified by means of an NC axis. A swivel option is available for the main column. Grooves and double helical gears can also be shaped.

The workpiece table is equipped with a direct drive. With a hydraulic cylinder located in the table, clamping operations can be performed and workpieces can be clamped.

These gear shaping machines are available with either Fanuc or Siemens control. The entries are made in a dialog-based program.

Vantaggi CLC SZ Series

  • Short cycle times thanks to tool changer
  • High precision provided by stable shaping spindles with highly precise bearings
  • Heavy and rigid machine
  • Highly flexible with short tooling times
  • Automatic loading/unloading possible


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Maggiori informazioni

Dati tecnici

Modulo max.

12 mm

0.5 in

Ø max. pezzo

1,500 mm

59 in

Axial travel

400 - 700 mm

Modulo max. mm
Ø max. pezzo mm
Axial travel mm 400 - 700
Gearing width mm 150 - 300

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