Energy management and AI-supported optimization of manufacturing processes with the EMAG Energy Monitor

Saving energy and reducing emissions are decisive factors for sustainable and future-proof production. Transparency plays an important role in this. With the Energy Monitor, EMAG presents a tool that transparently and comprehensibly displays the energy consumption and emissions of machines.

The Energy Monitor: Transparency for electricity and compressed air

Electricity and compressed air are present in every machine and are therefore central factors when it comes to the energy efficiency of manufacturing processes. The Energy Monitor from EMAG measures and logs the consumption of these two media. It functions in a similar way to an electricity meter, but offers further advantages through direct integration into the machine.

The Energy Monitor can be used to determine important key figures, such as energy consumption per shift, per workpiece or during non-productive times. The visualization and transparency of this data enables the user to identify potential for improvement and initiate appropriate measures. The Energy Monitor can also detect deviations and warn the user if energy consumption in the current shift is unusually high.

Data visualization of the EMAG Energy Monitor, which shows the energy consumption and efficiency of machines.
The EMAG Energy Monitor displays real-time and historical energy data on a digital platform to monitor and improve machine energy consumption and efficiency.

Integration and use of energy data for condition monitoring

The Energy Monitor is fully integrated into EMAG's IT solutions. The data is available either directly at the machine, centrally in production or at the workplace. For the future, it is planned to use the energy data for condition monitoring. This would make it possible to detect increasing leakages in the compressed air or in a clamping cylinder at an early stage and to inform the operator.

Sustainability through transparency

With the new Energy Monitor, EMAG offers full transparency on machine consumption. It measures the total power consumption and air consumption in order to identify unproductive conditions and make targeted savings in energy and compressed air where they are not needed. Various characteristic values are calculated, such as total, daily and workpiece consumption of energy and compressed air, as well as CO emissions. 2

This transparency helps to conserve resources and avoid unnecessary costs. It helps companies become more efficient while making a positive contribution to climate protection.