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EDNA CORTEX Software – Collecting, Processing and Analyzing Machine Data

The software for collecting, processing and providing the data is called EDNA CORTEX.

To collect the data, you need the EDNA IOT CORE industrial PC, which forms the basis for all software modules.

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Optimize Your Production with Machine Data!

EDNA CORTEX is the standardized and tested data capturing software for EMAG machines.

With this software, the machine data is read, collected and processed. This provides valuable insights that can be used to optimize production.

The EDNA CORTEX software communicates with the machine control unit and processes the production data.

The collected data is aggregated and analyzed to optimize the production facility.


  • Direct connection to the machine control units
  • Scalable for local, edge and cloud applications
  • Modular and open software architecture for implementing specific IT infrastructures
  • Shared standard IoT interfaces: MQTT, REST, JSON, OPC UA
  • Integrated data science pipeline
  • Automatic adaptation to the network load
  • UMATI-ready
  • Additional devices can be connected
  • Other machine manufacturers can be integrated


Advantages for your production:

  • Faster, easier and more secure access to your machine data
  • Reduce the manual work involved in data capturing
  • One basis for all IoT applications (local, edge, cloud)
  • Diagnostics for history data
  • Profit from a uniform data format for all machines
  • Preserve data sovereignty without being restricted to certain controller or platform manufacturers
  • Fast connection to existing ecosystems
  • Use our open interfaces with detailed data descriptions


Optional upgrades:

  • EDNA AI algorithms
    Uncover anomalies in productions through the use of artificial intelligence and receive recommendations on optimization options
  • Status monitoring
    Monitor the current production status
  • Predictive maintenance
    Keeping an eye on the wear of important components gives you opportunity to react before it is too late
    A great way to get an intuitive visualization of all information relevant to production and service on a wide variety of devices. It is also possible to implement customized applications. Further information

Required hardware:

  • Siemens, Fanuc control unit
  • UPS

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