Machines ECM / PECM

PS - Premium Standard

  • Generator capacity: A (DC) 400 – 2.500
  • Generator capacity: A (Pulse) 400 – 8.000

PS – PREMIUM STANDARD: Flexible Machine Platform for Electro-Chemical Machining

The PS machine with a deburring, sinking , or oscillation module is the flexible machine platform for the (P)ECM process:

  • Modular machine concept
  • Manual or semi-automatic starter systems
  • Suitable for automation using robots or gantry loaders
  • Smart software and hardware interfaces

PS - (P)ECM Precision Machining in Modular System

The PS single machine provides the basis for a modular system. This reduces investment costs because customers only have to invest in linking several processes (e.g., pre-washing, (P)ECM station, (P)ECM station 2, final treatment, and automation) once production increases.

The PS is ideal for ...

  • ECM deburring
  • (P)ECM internal profiling
  • (P)ECM machining
  • (P)ECM sinking

on a wide range of components.

The PS modules have a base made of MINERALIT®, a polymer concrete which is 8 times more resistant to vibration than gray cast iron. The machine and the tools suffer from less vibration as a result of this outstanding feature.

Highlights of the PS - Premium Standard:

  • Machining area: sinking  module, oscillation module or deburring module
  • Scalable generator technology up to 2,500 A
  • DC, Pulse and PECM technology
  • Flexibly configurable pulse technology
  • Individual cathodes can be selected/deselected
  • Single cathode monitoring
  • Process control using time, distance, and ldt
  • In the form of a sinking module: 400 mm Z stroke
  • In the form of an oscillation module: 200 mm Z stroke
  • Touch panel and S7-1500 controller from Siemens
  • Conductivity monitoring
  • Temperature control
  • pH value control with metering


  • Fast short-circuit shutdown
  • Automatic cathode cleaning
  • Oscillation at up to 100 Hz and stroke from 0 to 0.6 mm
  • C-axis for interpolated multiple sinking movement
  • IoT Ready
  • Automation interface
  • Can be combined with all electrolyte management systems from 20 – 600 l/min
  • Automatic machining area door


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Informations techniques

Generator capacity

400 – 2.500 A (DC)

Generator capacity

400 – 8.000 A (Pulse)

Generator capacity A (DC) 400 – 2.500
Generator capacity A (Pulse) 400 – 8.000


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