Rectificadoras de perfiles de engranajes

GR 250

  • Module range: mm 0.5 - 7.0
  • Ø máx. de pieza: 250 mm | 10 in
  • Longitud máx. de pieza: 550 mm | 21.5 in

Screw Profile Grinding GR 250

The latest innovation of EMAG SU is the GR 250, a screw profile grinding machine for worm screws with a maximum diameter of 250 mm and length up to 550 mm.

GR 250 - Screw Profile Grinding Machine - Production Speed and Flexibility

This grinding machine is equipped with a double table which eliminates downtimes almost completely.

Loading / unloading operations and measuring of components are performed in masked time. Since these operations do not affect cycle time, the entire lot productivity improves significantly. The changeover time is very fast, therefore the tool spindle works constantly on the workpiece.

The grinding machine GR 250 is equipped with Siemens Sinumerik 840D SL Numerical Control with an integrated operator panel and EMAG SU software, characterized by high-precision geometrical programming and an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Furthermore, the EMAG SU GR 250 can easily interface with every type of automation. Particular attention has been paid to solutions which allow the reduction of changeover therefore considerably increasing the production speed and flexibility.

With EMAG SU machine tools is possible to grind different worms suitable for any worm gear sets according to client needs and specifications. There are many uses depending on the mechanical efficiency required by the industry and EMAG SU has the capability to grind the widest range of worms.


Complex Manufacturing Systems from a Single Source thanks to a High Range of Technologies

Profile grinding of gears and long, slim and toothed components is performed discontinuously, i.e., tooth gap by tooth gap, is completed one after the…

Más información

Datos técnicos

Module range

0.5 - 7.0 mm

Ø máx. de pieza

250 mm

10 in

Longitud máx. de pieza

550 mm

21.5 in

Module range mm 0.5 - 7.0
Ø máx. de pieza mm
Longitud máx. de pieza mm
Peso máx. de la pieza kg
Ø muelas mm
230 / 400
9 / 15.5
Grinding wheel width, max. mm
20 / 40
1 / 1.5
Control unit Sinumerik 840D
Machine dimensions, L x W x H m 3.85×2.4×2.75

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