Compliance, Code of Conduct & Whistleblower Platform

Compliance has a high priority at EMAG

Conduct in compliance with the rules is a central element of good and long-term successful business activity and is part of our self-image at EMAG. Integrity - i.e. the consistency of values and actions - and fair business practices have always been an essential part of our corporate culture.

An appropriate compliance management system helps us avoid risks from legal violations such as possible fines, reputational damage and loss of image. Last but not least, we also support our employees in complying with the applicable legal and internal regulations in their daily work.

Compliance management at EMAG is preventive in nature. It aims to prevent compliance violations, to identify possible misconduct at an early stage, to act quickly and consistently in the event of misconduct, to take appropriate measures and to develop processes to prevent future incidents.

With this in mind, we encourage all EMAG employees and business partners to report perceived violations or misconduct to us. Perceived misconduct can be reported in writing, by telephone, by e-mail ( or in person to supervisors, compliance officers or contacts from the business relationship.

Code of Conduct

At EMAG, we want to be more than just compliant: We are concerned with a corresponding corporate culture with which we increasingly align our entrepreneurial actions with principles such as sustainability, human rights and numerous other important social values. We have set out the sum of these external and internal principles, which are important to us, in the EMAG Code of Conduct. This stands for our values and integrity and provides orientation for all corporate bodies, managers and employees.


Electronic whistleblower platform

As part of the EMAG compliance management system - based on the EU Whistleblowing Directive - it is also possible to receive and process incoming reports and tips on legal violations in the relevant areas. In addition to the general reporting channels, our electronic whistleblower platform ( is also available for such reports and tips, which can also be used for anonymous reports.