Medical Technology: Innovative Manufacturing Solutions for State-of-the-Art Medical echnology

Medical technology is a high-tech field, and as such needs innovative manufacturing solutions for ever new requirements. Thanks to its broad spectrum of technologies, the EMAG Group also offers solutions for this sector.

Medical Technology: a Sector with a Future

The medical technology sector has strong growth potential. On average, companies in this sector invest around eight percent of turnover in research and development. This is primarily due to the strong pressure to innovate in the sector, where a large portion of turnover is generated with products that are often just a few years old. Innovative medical products need innovative manufacturing methods. The EMAG Group also offers potential applications for the companies in this sector with its various manufacturing technologies.

Machining of Staplers Contribution of Microstructures with the PECM Technology

With the PECM technology, a reproduction accuracy of <20 μm and a surface quality of Ra <0.1 μm can be achieved. A fact that has been capitalized on when machining surgical staplers.

PECM Technology

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