• Rotor shaft (electric motor)
  • Stator Housing
  • Truck Brake Drum
  • 保持架
  • 锥齿轮
  • 整体叶盘
  • 制动盘
  • 凸轮
  • 装配式凸轮轴(装配式)
  • 크랭크샤프트
  • CVT 皮带轮
  • 大型曲轴
  • 曲轴 (小发动机)
  • 等速万向节
  • Dies
  • 差速螺伞齿轮
  • 差速器壳
  • 分配器法兰
  • 蜗轮
  • 法兰
  • 齿轮
  • 齿轮轴
  • 齿轮轴(装配式)
  • 齿轮轴,激光焊接
  • 同步齿轮
  • 滚齿
  • 喷油器体
  • 钟形壳(球笼)
  • 制动缸
  • 活塞
  • 行星齿轮箱
  • 泵环
  • 火车车轮
  • 滚轧环,
  • 蜗杆
  • 链轮
  • 链轮(生产系统)
  • 转向齿轮
  • 三通离合器
  • Truck Wheel Hub
  • 涡轮增压器轴
  • 电机轴
  • 驱动轴
  • 平衡轴
  • 液压阀
  • 凸轮轴
  • 换挡轴
  • 轮毂
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Truck Wheel Hub

Truck Wheel Hubs: Manufacturing Line for Truck Wheel Hubs

The vertical turning centers in the VL series, in particular the VL 6 and VL 8, are ideal for machining larger components, such as truck wheel hubs, thanks to their powerful working spindle and large-scale machining area.


Machining Truck Wheel Hubs

The manufacturing line features short distances, a carefully engineered automation system, and easy parts handling.

Operations of the manufacturing line:

OP 10 I VL 8 – Soft turning

In the first operation, the outer and inner contours of the wheel hub are turned. The side is rough- and finish-machined in a clamping operation.

OP 20 I VL 8 – Soft turning

After the part is flipped around, the second side is machined. With a driven tool turret, the holes for the bolts could also be drilled here.

OP 30 I VL 8 – Finish machining

Afterwards, the component is finish-machined and the grooves are milled. Here a driven tool turret is used to cut the thread in the holes.



TrackMotion is an automation solution that combines the traditional setup of conveyor belts, pick-and-place units, and turn-overs into a single system. For this, the “TransLift” gripper system is equipped with a Z-axis and B-axis, which provides a lift of up to 650 mm and makes it possible to turn the parts around completely.

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