Customer’s Needs – A Priority at EMAG

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Meeting Customer's Needs with EMAG

When a leading tier 1 automotive manufacturer came to EMAG and asked us to meet their goals and needs for new differential lines, we had our work cut out for us.  One of the unique promises made by EMAG is the company’s ability to achieve each customer’s needs. With this customer, their needs/goals included:

  • Uninterrupted production with minimal downtime
  • Flexibility to machine similar differentials on the same equipment
  • Quick change tooling to minimize changeover downtime
  • Minimize floor space utilized
  • Minimize tool variety to reduce number of spare and wear parts
  • Transparency of the entire production area
  • Uniformity of the operation and controls concept
  • Uniformity of auxiliary devices
  • Cost reduction of hardware and software
  • Minimize tool cost per part
  • Maximize operator utilization
  • Minimize operator influences

EMAG assembled a team to tackle these requests and determined to meet the customer’s needs. We brought in one of our many experts from Germany to work hand in hand with our US team. Together, we developed a very stable, efficient and effective system to meet all of the aspects of our customer’s needs, based on years of successful implementation of differential case projects. The client agreed to travel to several of our production facilities to see other systems we had turnkey responsibility for at the time. I believe the client was impressed with the capability and complexity of the systems we can execute not only for differential cases, but also for brake rotors, shaft turning, steering nuts, and CVJs, to name just a few.

After eight months working on the project and substantiating our ability to meet the customer’s needs, we were able to secure the confidence of our client and earn their business by meeting all of the RFQ needs & goals. Once the project was secured, we started the kickoff process with an internal meeting which included all members of the newly assembled team. After completely bringing the team up to speed, we met with the client’s team to fully review the changed project scope and aggressive timeline to complete the project.

The project is moving full speed ahead to meet a January 2018 runoff at EMAG L.L.C. in Farmington Hills, MI.  Our lines encompassed far fewer machines than our competitors due to our vertical pickup machines and a smoother transition from operation to operation with our TrackMotion Automation – saving our customer valuable floor space and providing efficient process flow.

All in all, I must say, I was extremely impressed with ability of EMAG to develop a very robust, efficient and effective process.  Having come from a machine tool distributor with virtually non-existent turnkey capabilities, it was a breath of fresh air to see the horsepower and manpower, EMAG as a Manufacturer of Systems for Precision Metal Components has to offer.

To learn more about how EMAG can help you achieve your manufacturing goals, visit our website!

Written by: Mark Comeaux, Regional Sales Manager, EMAG L.L.C.

Mark Comeaux, Regional Sales Manager, EMAG L.L.C.

Mark Comeaux, Regional Sales Manager, EMAG L.L.C.

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