Efficient, Streamlined Manufacturing of CV Joints

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Workarea manufacturing CV Joints

The automotive world is constantly changing and improving. The industry strives to create vehicles with better fuel economy, while also increasing safety and reliability.

The introduction of hybrid and electric alternatives are becoming more popular, and in the years to come we will see these options continue to grow. With this change, certain components of today’s gas driven engines will be replaced with new components and technologies.

One component that will remain is the CVJ or Constant Velocity Joint – a key component in making sure power gets delivered to the wheels on your car, no matter how that power is generated.

EMAG offers multiple solutions in the manufacturing process of CV joints. We can take the initial forging and process it through green turning and milling, induction hardening, hard turning, hard milling and where required grinding. All these process can be streamlined and automated in on continuous cell, all supplied by EMAG manufacturing systems. The key here is ONE supplier offering these multiple processes with multiple technologies and being able to tie each one of them together in a single cell.

All our machines use the pick-up principle, which means that automation is far simpler and cleaner, offering a much smaller foot print with no need large safety fences and gantry systems. Our systems take significantly less floor space while offering easy access for operators and service personnel.

An example of one of these processes is the hard milling of the ball track on a CV joints outer race. With multiple installations of these machines in my area, I am lucky to be able witness these magnificent machines in action regularly. They are truly workhorses and never miss a beat as the twin spindle and twin milling heads machine the ball tracks with impressive speed and power.

The great thing is it doesn’t stop at CV joints. There are many, many parts that EMAG offers multiple process solutions for, such as, brake rotors, gears, input/output shafts, differentials, camshafts, pinions. The list goes on and on.

If you need; turning, hard turning, grinding, hobbing, induction hardening, laser welding, electro-chemical machining, or shrink fit, EMAG has a solution for you. For more information on CV joint manufacturing click here.


David Fitzgerald, Regional Sales Manager, EMAG L.L.C.

David Fitzgerald, Regional Sales Manager, EMAG L.L.C.


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