EMAG Celebrates 150 Year Anniversary!

by abakun
EMAG VT 2 - Modular Shaft Machining

This September, EMAG is excited to celebrate our 150 year anniversary. In 1867, EMAG was founded in Bautzen, Saxony. Initially, EMAG was established as an iron foundry and engineering works center.

Over the years, EMAG continued to grow and by 1952 was re-established in Eislingen, Baden- Württemberg. At this point, business has evolved and EMAG focused on the manufacturing of lathes and special purpose equipment.

Then, in 1969, the headquarters of EMAG moved to Salach where it currently resides. As the company continued to grow, EMAG began branching out globally. By 1980, the USA based subsidiary of EMAG in Farmington Hills, Michigan was launched.

Over the years, EMAG has continued to grow, expand and adapt based on the needs of the markets and customers we serve. We are honored to be celebrating our 150 year anniversary and are grateful to the customers and employees who helped us get here.

We look forward to continuing to grow and providing you with customized solutions for all of your manufacturing needs. For more information on our new innovations and technologies, visit www.emag.com.

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