New Manufacturing System for Turbochargers

by Oliver Hagenlocher

The production of turbocharger components is one of the most challenging tasks in automotive engineering and EMAG has created a complete line solution that delivers both speed and precision.

Turbochargers play a major role in the performance of engines in modern vehicles. By compressing fresh air that is drawn into the engine and pushing it out into the combustion chambers, turbochargers increase the performance of engines, or allow us to use smaller engines to achieve the same standards (downsizing). Rotating at a speed of approximately 290,000 rpm, the shaft in the turbocharger is under extreme stress and is subjected to very high temperatures. To make this possible, developers create these shafts with high performance materials that can withstand the stress from temperatures up to 1000°C. How can we efficiently and reliably perform the demanding finishing work on a welded turbine shaft and turbine?

Speedy New Line Solution!

EMAG has developed the perfect line solution to create these components, and all machines will come from a single source. The component will pass through five main processes – from initial turning and induction hardening, to grinding the shaft, wheel and shoulders. The final process is electro-chemical balancing on an EMAG ECM machine.

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