Cylindrical grinder HG 208: the precision-fit shaft grinding solution

by Markus Isgro
Cylindrical grinder HG 208: perfect shaft grinding

Cylindrical grinding on driveshafts and transmission shafts has always been particularly demanding, as the parts feature a wide range of geometric details that are machined with high precision in the grinding machine. With the rapid pace of technological development in the automotive industry, which keeps increasing the functional density of many components, there are more demands than ever on the design of grinding machines today. Users require highly customized machines that can perform multiple grinding operations, including combined internal and external grinding.

Wide range of technology modules

With that in mind, the EMAG Group’s grinding specialists developed a comprehensive modular system for the cylindrical grinding of shafts: A wide range of different technology modules are available for the HG 208 cylindrical grinder, which can be integrated easily into the standardized machine. For example, the machine’s B axis may feature one, two, or three grinding spindles. External and internal grinding wheels can be used, in various combinations. In addition, there are additional technology modules such as in-process measuring devices, dressing units for CBN and aluminum oxide grinding wheels, automatic balancing units, and many more. The HC 208 therefore allows combination machining of crankshafts and camshafts, for example, or parallel external and internal machining of hollow shafts.

Entire line from EMAG

EMAG’s end-to-end approach also plays an important role in the high precision machining of shafts. EMAG’s experts develop production lines for the complete hard and soft machining of shafts—from preliminary machining of a transmission shaft on a vertical VTC turning center to finish machining on the grinding machines of the HG series.

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