Save energy, reduce costs, increase efficiency

EMAG is continuously working on improving energy efficiency in production. The strategy covers several key areas such as efficient manufacturing processes, machine design, component selection, transparent energy management and the use of modern technologies such as artificial intelligence. With a clear focus on sustainability, EMAG optimizes processes to minimize energy consumption and maximize quality and productivity. At EMO in Hanover, we will show how intelligent measuring systems and clever optimizations save energy, reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Energy-efficient manufacturing processes

Manufacturing processes have a significant impact on energy efficiency, which is why we are constantly working to improve and optimize them. In doing so, we focus on using optimal technologies to minimize energy consumption while ensuring high quality and productivity.

Energy-efficient machine concepts

EMAG's machine concepts are designed for energy efficiency and sustainability. By developing machines that consume less energy while delivering high-performance, EMAG helps reduce the environmental impact of the manufacturing industry.

Energy-efficient components

We develop and implement components designed to minimize energy consumption and maximize performance. This includes all areas of the machine tool - from mechanical, electrical, pneumatic to hydraulic.

Energy management

By continuously monitoring and controlling energy consumption, we can effectively identify patterns of, for example, leakage and inefficiencies in processes and identify measures to reduce energy consumption.

AI-based optimization of the manufacturing process

EMAG EDNA AI systems make it possible to identify complex patterns and relationships in large amounts of data, which are used to improve energy efficiency. This allows us to make predictions and decisions in real time to increase efficiency and productivity.