EMAG at the EMO 2023 in Hanover:

ELC 6 from EMAG LaserTec: Perfecting the welding process for rotor shafts

Sales of electric cars are on the rise - and at an enormous pace worldwide. The International Energy Agency (IEA), for example, estimates that 14 million e-vehicles will be sold this year, representing a 35 percent increase in sales compared with the previous year. This means that they already account for almost one-fifth of the total car market. As a result, production planners are focusing on the manufacture of key components of the e-motor, such as the rotor shaft. They are looking for innovative solutions "from a single source," with which the component can be machined particularly efficiently and reliably in ever larger quantities. EMAG LaserTec is currently setting an example in the market with its ELC 6 laser welding machine. In the machine, joining, preheating and welding processes are compactly combined on an assembled rotor shaft with its rotary table system ensuring optimum cycle times. Visitors to the EMO trade show in Hanover, Germany, from September 18-23, can find out exactly what this manufacturing system looks like and what possibilities it offers at the EMAG Group's booth in Hall 17, C 34.  

VSC 400 PS: New standards in efficiency and precision for gear production

EMAG presents its latest development at the EMO trade fair, from 18 to 23 September 2023 in Hanover: the VSC 400 PS. It combines power skiving and turning for complex gear solutions, making it a game changer in gear production.

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