Vertical Machining: Safe and Efficient

EMAG's Modular Standard vertical lathes offer the user a variety of advantages to guarantee a low cost per piece.

  • Standard Modular Concept
    Uniform design and standardized automation height allow for easy interlinking as well as lower maintenance costs through a common parts strategy
  • Minimized Footprint
    Compact vertical design and the self-loading automation system allow these machines to operate at high productivity rates with little space requirement
  • Integrated Automation
    Reduces additional investment costs
  • Maximum performance
    Minimized transport distances optimize chip-to-chip times
  • Energy Efficient
    Reduced energy consumption lowers energy costs
  • User Friendly
    All the service units are easily accessible allowing for ease of operation and short tooling and retooling times
  • Extended tool life
    Machine body made of MINERALIT® with 6 to 8 times better damping properties than gray cast iron