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Where does the future lie for metal cutting? What are the alternatives offered by
electro-chemical machining, production laser welding or heat shrink assembly?
We'll answer these questions and more at Westec 2019!

We have presentations prepared that show you all the possibilities and the areas
of application for these technologies.

Visit us in booth 1345 and learn all about the future of metal cutting.


(P)ECM for Nickel- and Titanium-Based Alloys

With its P()ECM technology (Precise Electro-Chemical Machining), EMAG presents a manufacturing process that offers new opportunities. (P)ECM is a process for the machining of high-alloyed materials, such as nickel- or titanium-alloys. This non-contact machining method without heat transfer eliminates tool wear, mechanical stresses and micro-fissuring through heat impact, oxidization layering and the need for subsequent deburring operations.

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Hardening Technology

Induction hardening machines with SDF® generators are perfect for contour-true surface layer hardening of complex surface geometries due to their adjustable frequency range and very high energy density. Distortion of components is minimized due to the short process times. Re-working costs and the necessary oversize can therefore be reduced. The SDF® technology is also ideal as a highly flexible solution for smaller batch sizes since the medium frequency and the high frequency can be used and adjusted totally independently of one another.

More about Induction hardening
Induction hardening

Laser welding

Operating costs reduced by 50%

Modern vehicles are now unthinkable without laser welding. Laser welding is a prerequisite for compact, weight-optimized components and therefore for energy-efficient vehicles. You benefit from high welding speeds and minimum distortion on the welded components. Solid-state lasers offer greater power and reduce energy consumption, which can result in a reduction of operating costs by 50%. In many applications, solid-state lasers also allow welding without shielding gas. This not only reduces operating costs, it also gets rid of the annoying logistics that the use of shielding and laser operation gasses demands.

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Will camshafts never again be made from a single piece of material?

Camshafts manufacturing with heat shrink assembly! The high degree of precision achieved with the assembly process drastically reduces the number of cam profile grinding operations or – with the use of precision cams – does away with them altogether. Another advantage of the process lies in the ability to combine different materials in the construction of the shaft, such as forged cams (e.g. in 100Cr6) and sintered cams, which do not require regrinding. This allows for the camshaft to be adapted to meet the requirements of the engine, and to be optimized in load bearing capacity and manufacturing costs.

More about Heat Shrink Assembly
Heat Shrink Assembly


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