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TrackMotion: the Automation System for the VL DUO line

The TrackMotion is an automation solution which combines the previous concept of conveyor belts, pick-and-place units and changers in a single system.


On the TrackMotion automation system, a so-called TransLift unit runs on a rail system through the machines ("track"). The TransLift grips the parts at diff erent heights, while also positioning and turning the workpiece over. The machines can be linked to each other very easily using a TrackMotion automation system. What is more, the TrackMotion automation system is also extremely fast.


The Benefits of the Trackmotion Automation System

  • Minimal set-up time – the TrackMotion automation system is ready for use as soon as the workpiece height and part diameter have been entered
  • Universal NC gripper – no retooling required
  • Time saving by turning the workpiece during transport
  • Space-saving since the whole TrackMotion automation system is installed behind the machines
  • Measuring equipment, marking systems, cleaning machines and a lot of other functions can be integrated
  • Short part transport time: Horizontal travel speed: 150 m/min and vertical: 25 m/min

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