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If your company machines metal components, manufactures gears, uses laser welding or elecro-chemical machining, EMAG can provide state-of-the-art machinery, from stand-alone pick-up turning machines to complete machining lines capable of manufacturing entire workpiece families. As a pioneer in the field of machinery automation and with decades of machining experience, our manufacturing solutions stand out from the crowd. Stop by booth 237047 and put our experience to work for you.

Talk with Machining Experts

Machining gears from raw blank to finished gear – a process that used to take several departments within a shop. Now this process can be done with a couple of digitally linked machines in one area with one trained operator. The EMAG Koepfer K 160 hobbing machine in our booth can easily be connected to an EMAG VL 3 DUO vertical turning machine. The VL 3 DUO, like all the machines in the VL Series, comes standard with automated loading and unloading capabilities.

Machine More Efficiently

Watch demos of EMAG’s VL 4 and VT 4 turning machines equipped with EDNA in our booth.  Both the VL 4 and the VT 4 turning machines include automated loading and unloading options as well as EMAG’s EDNA Human-Machine Interface (HMI). Ask how EDNA can increase productivity and dramatically reduce costly downtime and expensive repairs or the need for equipment replacements.

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Keep Your Operation Running Smoothly

Disruptions to supply chains over the past two years taught the painful lesson that “just in time” delivery for spare parts was no longer working. Recognizing the new reality, EMAG L.L.C. moved quickly to increase its stockpile of critical replacement parts and commonly ordered items.  We’re now stocked, loaded and ready to ship maintenance parts to your plant as quickly as possible.  No more waiting for shipments from overseas.  Our service technicians can anticipate needed repair parts and likely get you back up and running in one trip. Learn more about our brand new, AI-monitored, Spare Parts Supermarket.

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