• The rotor shafts for electric motors are produced completely on EMAG machines.
  • Articulated cage—produced on an EMAG vertical turning center VTC 100-4
  • PECM for the machining of blisks
  • 制动盘
  • 凸轮
  • Composite camshaft for a small engine
  • Automobile crankshaft machined on the PM 2 series.
    Crankshaft (automobile)
  • 曲轴 (小发动机)
  • CV joints make high demands on the machining technology. Core components: Kingpins, articulated cage, joint ball
  • Dies
  • Differential pinion—precision machining on VL machines
  • 差速器壳
  • 分配器法兰
  • 蜗轮
  • Flange manufactured on VL 2 lathes
  • Gears are machined on EMAG VL series machines
  • 齿轮轴
  • Composite gear shaft manufactured with high precision by the use of EMAG heat shrink assembly technology.
  • 齿轮轴,激光焊接
  • 同步齿轮
  • Gear of an automobile gearbox manufactured on a VLC 200 H
  • 喷油器体
  • Machines by the EMAG Group for Kingpin production
  • 制动缸
  • To machine pistons with precision poses a particular challenge for all manufacturing solutions
  • Pump ring production on the high-precision SK 204 grinder
  • Railway wheel manufactured with precision on VLC 1200 turning centers
  • Roll rings are precision components
    Roll ring
  • 蜗杆
  • 链轮
  • 链轮(生产系统)
  • Steering pinions can be machined with great precision on the EMAG VT machine
  • 三通离合器
  • Surface layer hardening an armature shaft on an eldec MIND 750
  • 驱动轴
  • 平衡轴
  • Induction hardening through precision control
  • 凸轮轴
  • Hardening shifter shafts with induction hardening
  • Surface layer hardening with the eldec hardening machine
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Roll ring

Roll ring machining with EMAG expertise

Roll rings are precision components that significantly influence quality during wire manufacturing. EMAG has developed a system for processing top quality roll rings extremely quickly.

Roll rings are usually manufactured in small batches on manually-operated, conventional grinding machines. The machining itself is very complex, as the precision requirements for roll rings are very high and they are generally manufactured from hard metals. The required levels of precision and surfaces often require grinding, leading to a complete processing time that can easily be more than several hours per roll ring. With the goal of reducing these high cycle times, EMAG developed the complete processing of a roll rings in just a few minutes, quality assurance included.


The VSC DS turning/grinding center is perfectly-designed for machining roll rings

When allowed by the hardness of the material, the VSC DS series of machines can combine turning and grinding technologies in one set-up. These turning/grinding centers increase not only quality, but flexibility with the added benefit of reduced cycle times. When all hard finishing is performed on a single machine, set-up operations, runtimes, transportation and idle time can all be drastically reduced.

The increase in productivity results from the high feed rates run during turning. The roughing operation can be completed much faster than when using dedicated grinding machines. Only the quality-critical finishing operations are performed using grinding.

The roll rings are loaded into the VSC DS turning/grinding center via the integrated automation and measured in the measuring station. They are then pre-machined based on these measurements. Before the finshing operations begin, the workpiece is once again measured to ensure the quality of the pre-machining proess. The complete production is carried out in a single clamping operation, thus eliminating clamping errors for the highest quality in the shortest amount of time. Automated manufacturing results in a constant manufacturing workflow that does not require manual intervention by the operator.



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