Manufacturing System for Chucked Components

VL DUO line - Manufacturing System

The Right Solution for Your Production Process

Parts storage facility, automation system and machining – the DUO line guarantees perfectly coordinated manufacturing. Every DUO line consists of two modular machines from the VL-series with the TrackMotion automation system and a parts storage facility for raw and finished parts. The modular approach of the DUO line allows twin spindle manufacturing of a wide range of workpieces with the benefits of single machines.


Maximum Flexibilty

Each machine in the DUO line is configured individually to the manufacturing requirement. The entire list of options, which is also available for single machines, is freely available for every machine in the DUO line, including driven tools, Y-axis, probe, etc.

The VL DUO line is available in the vertical turning machine versions VL 2, VL 4, VL 6 and VL 8 (depiction without safety fences).