• 1867

    Founded in Bautzen, Saxony, as an iron foundry and engineering works.
  • 1952

    Re-established in Eislingen, Baden-Württemberg, manufacturing lathes and special purpose machines. In 1969 move to Salach, today's Group headquarters.
  • 1969

    Introduction of a series of highly efficient, program-controlled, modular turning automatics. In the 70s the company enters the field of endworking.
  • 1970

    Start of the co-operation with NODIER, France. Today, NODIER EMAG is part of the EMAG Group and market company for the customers in France and Spain.
  • 1977

    Worldwide distribution of highly automated CNC turning cells and manufacturing systems for, in particular, the automotive industry and the oil industry.
  • 1980

    Founding of a subsidiary in the USA. Today, EMAG L.L.C. operates from Farmington Hills, Michigan, taking care of the customers in North America.
  • 1989

    The joint venture KP EMAG is founded in Moscow. Today KP EMAG is part of the EMAG Group and looks after all customers in Russia and the other CIS states.
  • 1992

    Introduction of the VSC, the world's first vertical turning center with pick-up spindle.
    Development of the VSC machines into multifunctional/multi-tasking Production Centers.
  • 1994

    Acquisition of WEMA Werkzeugmaschinenfabrik Zerbst, Germany, and its development into the central manufacturing facility of the EMAG Group.
  • 1997

    July - ROMI, Brazil, the most important machine tool manufacturer in South America, produces VSC machines under licence and looks after EMAG customers across the continent.

    - Incorporation into the EMAG Group of the German grinding machine manufacturer KARSTENS, a specialist in the external cylindrical grinding of shaft-type components.
  • 1998

    June - Introduction of the world's first combined Turning and Grinding Center (also based on the VSC design) with the new GRIND-FINISHING technology.

    - EMAG INDIA in Bangalore is founded and takes up its duties in the service of the customers in this growing market.
  • 1999

    January - The German grinding machine manufacturer REINECKER, Ulm, specialist in internal cylindrical precision grinding of chucked components, becomes part of the EMAG Group.

    - PITTLER-TORNOS is taken over and incorporated into EMAG Leipzig Maschinenfabrik, which expands to become today's market company for the northern and eastern states of Germany.
    In mid 2000 EMAG Leipzig starts building VL machines, a new series of Standard Vertical Turning Machines with pick-up spindle.
    Since 2005 EMAG Leipzig is also the center of excellence for the machining of tubes, couplings and tool joints.
  • 2000

    July - The EMAG Group takes over its former agency in Italy and develops it into its market company ZETA EMAG.

    - KOPP Werkzeugmaschinen, Neu-Ulm, a German specialist in the milling and grinding of high precision cams and camshafts, becomes part of the EMAG Group.
  • 2001

    HEILIG AUTOMATION, Heubach, Germany, becomes part of the EMAG Group and its centre of excellence for automation equipment.
  • 2002

    With the Frankfurt-based NAXOS-UNION, leading German manufacturer of crankshaft grinders, the EMAG Group expands its technological competence also in the machining of this range of workpieces.
  • 2003

    April - EMAG LASER TECH, Salach, is founded. This represents an important step forward in providing EMAG customers with further processes, together with the application of laser technology, for the manufacture of ready-to-install assemblies.

    - The market company EMAG CHINA, Shanghai, is founded with the objective to intensively work the Chinese market and to use its experienced, highly qualified local staff in the service of its many customers.

    - The market company EMAG MEXICO is founded to ensure that regional EMAG experts can provide an efficient service for existing and prospective customers.

    - The sales office EMAG Frankfurt, a regional branch of the market company EMAG Salach, takes up its duties.

    - The joint venture company EMAG TAKAMAZ is founded in Japan. Japanese engineers now look after their home market and service the EMAG machines already installed in Japan.

    - At the EMO Milan EMAG introduces important innovations:
    With their new VTC series of 4-axis Vertical Turning Centers shaft machining also becomes an EMAG domain. 
    With its LaserCell EMAG presents a completely new production tool for the mating and laser welding of a number of different components into assemblies.
  • 2004

    January - Spin-off of EMAG REINECKER KARSTENS Technologie GmbH, Salach, for the optimal utilisation of the great variety of technologies now available for process stream production. 
    Spin-off of the market company EMAG Salach, to allow for even greater efficiency in the service for EMAG customers in south-western Germany.

    - SW Schwaebische Werkzeugmaschinen, Schramberg-Waldmoessingen, successful German manufacturer of high-productivity Machining Centers, becomes part of the EMAG Group.
    This take-over provides EMAG with the additional know-how for the machining of prismatic/cubic components and allows EMAG to offer complete process streams from a single source.

    - The sales office EMAG Denmark, a regional branch of the market company EMAG Salach, takes up its duties.

    - To provide an efficient service for its Korean customers and to be able to canvass the local market more intensively, EMAG establishes the market company EMAG KOREA.

    End 2004
    -The EMAG Group's (including SW from 1.1.2004) consolidated turnover reaches
    EUR 350 million.
  • 2005

    Spring - Further regional sales offices and EMAG market companies take up their duties in Cologne, Austria and Turkey.

    - The German gear hobbing specialist KOEPFER, Furtwangen, becomes part of the EMAG Group. With this acquisition EMAG takes yet another gigantic step towards becoming the supplier of complete process streams now also in the field of gear hobbing.

    - At the EMO Hanover the complete product range of the EMAG Group is presented:
    In addition to turning und grinding machines the new combined vertical pick-up Turning and Machining Center VLC 400 MT; from EMAG KOEPFER: the new combined Turning and Hobbing Center VSC 400DUO WF and the new VSC 400 PH gear profiling system for the Power Honing of hardened gears – both vertical pick-up machines with integrated automated workpiece handling.

    - EMAG INDIA Ltd., Bangalore, establishes branch offices in Delhi, Pune and Chennai to offer a better service for existing and new customers.

    End 2005
    - The EMAG Group employs approx. 2.000 staff worldwide in the service of its customers. This number is augmented by 200 trainees at EMAG's German locations. 
    The Group's consolidated turnover in 2005 reaches EUR 430 million.Within the last decade over 5,000 EMAG pick-up turning machines, turning centers and multifunctional/multi-tasking Production Centers, 1,500 REINECKER, KARSTENS, KOPP and NAXOS-UNION grinding machines, nearly 1,000 SW machining centers and 800 machines from KOEPFER have been produced and are in use in many branches of industry worldwide. 
  • 2006

    Beginning 2006 - The former EMAG Maschinenfabrik GmbH at the headquarters in Salach becomes the EMAG Holding GmbH to head the EMAG Group.

    April 2006
    - EMAG delivers the 1000th VL. This makes the VL series one of the most successful products of the EMAG Group.

    End 2006
    - The EMAG Group’s turnover in 2006 reaches EUR 406 million.
  • 2007

    January - NAXOS-UNION presents the PM 460 Grinder for the machining of crankshafts up to a weight of 6 metric tons and a length of 6 m. The highest degree of contour accuracy and surface finish are achieved using the pin chasing method that NAXOS-UNION developed and in which the company is worldwide leader.

    - With its HG 2 External Cylindrical Grinder EMAG KARSTENS introduces an innovative, highly flexible concept for the precision machining of shaft-type components.

    - With machines for chucked, shaft-type and cubic components the EMAG Group now offers optimal manufacturing solutions for almost every conceivable customer requirement. The product range covers everything from standard to customised special application machines. It is further complemented by the VSC 400 MODULAR, a series of machines that close the gap between standard and customised solution.

    - The EMAG Gruppen-Vertriebs- und Service GmbH is founded. It takes over distribution and service and acts as field organisation for the Group.
    In the German-speaking countries the company is represented by regional and key-account sales outlets. Abroad it is supported in its market development activities by local market companies, miniature copies of the EMAG GVS that ensure all marketing and service activities are covered.

    - In the wake of the success achieved with the VSC DS series (turning and grinding of chucked components) EMAG introduces a machine for the multi-technology machining of shaft-type components. With the transfer of the technology combination turning+grinding  to the VTC series of machines EMAG becomes the first to offer all end machining processes for shaft-type components on a vertical machine: CBN grinding, hard turning and/or scroll-free turning.

    - EMAG receives the MM Award for Innovation for their VSC 400 WF.
    At the EMO exhibition the combination machine VSC 400 WF from EMAG is given the MM Award for Innovation for best lathe work. The VSC 400 WF, developed in cooperation with EMAG’s subsidiary KOEPFER Verzahnungsmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG, combines the technologies Turning and Gear Hobbing on a single machine. This makes it possible to manufacture large quantities of gears of the highest quality at minimum cost.

    NAXOS-UNION introduce their PM 2 Grinder for small crankshafts of up to 500 mm length at the EMO.

    Also at EMO, SW presents their compact, cost-effective twin-spindle machining center BA 321 for the highly productive machining of workpieces in steel and cast iron.

    End 2007
    - In 2007, the EMAG Group’s consolidated turnover across all commercial activities rose by 17%, to € 480 million, whilst the figure for orders received during the same period exceeded the € 500 million mark for the first time in its history. 

    This further reinforces the Group’s already strong position in the marketplace for machines and manufacturing systems for round and prismatic components. In the sector covering manufacturing systems that apply process combinations the Group also noticeably increased its turnover and proved its technological prominence with innovative new products.
  • 2008

    June - EMAG SW receives the „ITM Poland Award“ for innovative manufacturing systems.

    - The VL with Y-axis
     In an effort to widen the application range of the VL series the machines are continuously being enhanced. The VL is now also available with Y-axis. This allows for the machining of very complex geometries. The Y-axis ensures that off-centre milling and drilling operations no longer require special tools. This noticeably widens the application range of the VL.

    - At the AMB trade fair EMAG introduces the VTC 315 DS for the simultaneous vertical grinding of shafts. Compared to the traditional method, the machine uses two opposing spindles to 4-axis machine the vertically clamped workpiece. The normal forces cancel each other out, and optimal access to the workpiece is guaranteed.

    With its HL 1000 EMAG presents an oil hole drilling machine that allows for both soft and hardened crankshafts to be machined.

    SW expands its BA W06 series to cover large components. The twin-spindle automatics from SW stand for high-efficiency production, especially in the automotive industry. With its innovative machining center BA W06-2W SW conquers the field of bulky light metal components that have to be machined with 4 or 5 axes, such as oil sumps, differential cases and clutch housings.

    End 2008
    - EMAG’s turnover is up 6% on the previous year, reaching € 510 million.
  • 2009

    May - EMAG presents their synchronous support grinding technology for the first time. Synchronous support grinding allows for the application of exceptionally high feedrates, which considerably shortens machining times. The machining time for gearshafts with a number of bearing seats, for instance, has thus been reduced by up to 70%.

    - At the EMO in Milan EMAG introduces their Platform 250.  The Platform 250 consists of three basic machines: The VL 5i, configured as a standard machine, is primarily aimed at the sub-contractor and the turned parts manufacturer. The VSC 250 is a front-operated production machine that can be customised to suit individual machining requirements. And the VLC 250 – a cross-operated vertical manufacturing system with focus on universality – is ideal for multi-technology applications.

    End 2009
    - EMAG achieved a turnover of € 330 million.
  • 2010

    February - EMAG introduces the complete-machining (grinding) of crankshafts on a single machine, using synchronous support grinding technology.

    End 2010
    - EMAG achieves a turnover of € 317 million.
  • 2011

    March - EMAG is honoured with the “Daimler Supplier Award 2010”

    Stuttgart, 18.03.2011 – on the occasion of its annual supplier conference – the “Daimler  Key Supplier Meeting” – at the Mercedes-Benz subsidiary in Stuttgart, Daimler honours their best suppliers with the “Daimler Supplier Award 2010”. As in previous years, the award goes to 13 sub suppliers covering the various categories of goods and services.

    With its “Daimler Supplier Award” Daimler AG honours far above average performances, as evaluated using a standard point system across their worldwide supplier base. This assessment is based on the company’s supplier cooperation module “Daimler Supplier Network” and covers the four key valuation parameters of quality, cost, adherence to delivery dates and technology-and-innovation. In cooperation with its suppliers the panel also looks at other factors, such as fairness, reliability and credibility.
    This year’s Daimler Key Supplier Meeting was attended by approximately 450 representatives of the most important of Daimler’s suppliers and about 200 representatives of Daimler’s management.
    EMAG’s “Daimler Supplier Award 2010” was for the category “Manufacturing Equipment & Services”. Jürgen Müller, Managing Director of EMAG Salach Maschinenfabrik GmbH, commented: “We are very pleased with the award. It confirms the validity of our approach in trying to be a business partner that works actively with its customers and provides added value to the relationship above and beyond the usual performance of a supplier.”June - EMAG is honoured with the AAM award “Supplier of the Year”
    AAM (American Axle, Mexico) has honoured the EMAG Group with its “Supplier of the Year” award for their outstanding performance in the areas of quality, service and delivery times. Particular mention was made of the superb assistance given during the production run-in. The dedicated engagement of all EMAG service personnel ensured that AAM  was able to meet the extensive demands made by their customers. Two further factors – a quick service response and the excellence of the service given – were also of decisive importance in being awarded the honour.

    September - EMAG develops the Platform 2
    The machines of the Platform 2 are vertical turning centres that round off the product portfolio of the EMAG Group downward. The platform offers the choice to use a variety of technologies on the various machines covered by it.

  • 2012

    January - The beginning of 2012 saw the first sod being cut in the construction of the EMAG production facility in Jintan. The works will become the most state-of-the-art machine tool manufacturing plant in China, where the Platform 2 machines for the Chinese market – designed and developed in Germany – will be built.

    September - “Energy Efficiency Award” – the ZF Group honours EMAG’s engagememt
    From the most efficient machine building technology to the cost-saving design of their manufacturing systems, the machine builders from EMAG demonstrated their total know-how in this area, to ensure that they were ideally poised to receive the “Energy Efficiency Award” from ZF.
    The results convinced the jury: EMAG’s competition entry was honoured as one of the “Top 5 Projects”.