EDNA IoT Ready - Getting Started with Data-Optimized Manufacturing.

In modern manufacturing, data can make all the difference. Discover how seamless integration of IoT technologies can optimize your manufacturing processes.

Why should you watch this recorded webinar?

Maximize your productivity:
our data-driven solutions enable productivity gains of over 10%.
Realize the value of your data: Learn how to leverage data from your machines to reduce unplanned downtime and optimize your processes.
Learn about EDNA IoT: Our team of experts will walk you through the features and benefits of EDNA IoT.

Highlights of the EDNA IoT Ready Package:

  • Data sources
  • Communication protocols
  • Data Quality
  • EDNA IoT Solutions
  • Basics for process optimization
  • Connection to third-party systems

Whether you are purchasing a new machine or looking to retrofit your existing EMAG machine, our (recorded) webinar is the perfect way to get started.
Take this opportunity to learn more about data-optimized manufacturing and how you can improve your production processes.

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