Production Planning 4.0

Webinar: Production Planning 4.0: Reduce Costs through data-optimized Detailed Planning of your Production

As the saying goes: "No plan survives contact with reality." Anyone who has dealt with planning or project management in any way knows that there are a lot of unforeseen events that can really mess up a plan. This of course includes production planning. Small, unforeseen events, such as tooling failure or last-minute reprioritization, have a big impact on production every day and lower OEE. 
Traditional detailed scheduling solutions are static and do not handle such unforeseen events well. The result is plans that don't reflect reality and don't work in day-to-day manufacturing. This is doubly annoying, because on the one hand, the work for the planning was in vain and on the other hand, production does not run as it should, and therefore, less money is earned. 
The solution: adaptive and predictive production planning with the help of AI-IoT technologies. 

By integrating IoT, a detailed planning solution can react in real time to the reality on the shop floor. At the same time, historical data from the company's own production can be used to create planning based on real data. 

In this recorded webinar, we would like to introduce you to the form of adaptive detailed planning and show you what added value it offers in concrete terms. Using practical examples, we will show how target variables such as machine utilization, setup times, delivery dates and throughput times can be optimized. We will also go into how such planning can be introduced step by step, which technologies are needed to generate added value from day one without overburdening you.

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