Why Connecting Technologies is Essential for Even Small and Medium Sized Shops

Benefits of Scalable Automation Solutions from EMAG!

Historically, automation solutions were complicated and expensive, making them only affordable and attainable for larger shops with large scale production. However, times have changed, automation technology has improved and adding automation to your shop is more affordable than ever! Today, there is an economical automation alternative to manual loading for almost any application. 
The pick-up technology that has made EMAG machines so successful, also offers enormous advantages for small series production. For example, heavy parts can be easily moved and placed on a conveyor belt, relieving workers. The self-loading work of the spindle also prevents clamping errors and ensures consistent quality. 

In this recorded webinar, we will use specific cases to demonstrate to you how pick-up automation can be used, economically, for batch sizes varying from 20 – X using ingenious expansion systems. This webinar is perfect for anyone who would like to take a closer look at automating their facility, especially small to medium sized companies. 

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