EDNA Health Check: Systematically reduce life cycle costs

What role does maintenance play in the life cycle costs of a machine tool? The answer is astounding: Planned and unplanned maintenance work generate more than a third of all costs arising during many years of operation.

EDNA Health Check is the EMAG solution for predictive maintenance.
With EDNA, EMAG has at its disposal an ecosystem for the digitalization of industrial production. The foundation is the EDNA IoT core – an industrial PC that is connected to the machine control and receives and records production and sensor data with the help of the EDNA Cortex software. On this basis, the EDNA Health Check evaluates the condition of your machine by analyzing regular vibration measurements by sensor. The decisive factor is the combination of EMAG expert knowledge and machine learning. It enables deep insights into the wear condition of various machine components.

Read more about how you can systematically avoid machine malfunctions and failures with predictive maintenance by downloading this whitepaper.

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