EDNA HealthCheck: Reduce Your Risk of Default with Predictive Maintenance

Unplanned downtime is EXPENSIVE – personnel not able to work, production out of sync and unhappy customers because you can’t deliver. Nobody wants that!
That is exactly why at EMAG, we’ve developed EDNA HealthCheck. Using advanced sensor technology and data analysis, this system performs regular condition checks on your machine. If any of the “health values” on your machine deteriorate, you’ll see it in your analysis results. With the full version of this program, you’ll get these results within minutes, and will be informed in advance by our service if there are critical changes. This allows you to plan ahead for machine maintenance or production changes. 

In this recorded webinar, we will introduce you to the EDNA HealthCheck and EDNA HealthCheck Lite services. What are the differences? What tools are necessary to use these services? How time-consuming will it be? And most importantly, how reliable are these services? 

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