White Paper Gear Machining of Rotor Shafts

Precision and process reliability have characterized automotive engineering for many decades – it’s about highly precise surfaces, short cycle times and falling unit costs. However, with the success of e-mobility, this requirement is increasing again. Since there are no loud noises from a combustion engine to mask the sound of moving parts, many electric motor components, such as the rotor shaft, must be manufactured even more precisely to run quieter.

Against this background, EMAG Koepfer’s technology is currently the focus of many production planners. The specialists have been driving development in the industry with their gear cutting machines for decades. Koepfer sees itself not only as a supplier of production resources for high-quality gearing elements, but also as a competent partner in terms of “all things related to gears” – an ideal basis of experience for providing highly efficient solutions for the gearing of rotor shafts.

The focus of this paper is on the HLC 150 H and K 160 gear hobbing machines. Both machines score points with high productivity and component quality. They can also be seamlessly integrated into EMAG lines and can be easily automated. We will present these solutions to you in this white paper.

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