Manufacturing solutions for planetary gears / high-speed hobbing of small gear wheels

Due to their compact design and high efficiency, planetary gears are now used in a large number of modern transmissions. Their particular benefit is that they can transmit high torques in a small space. A planetary gear normally consists of a planetary carrier, a sun gear, and several planet gears.

For the production of these components, EMAG offers interesting solutions with its universal and highly productive machines.

The gear cutting of small planet gears and sun gears in particular places high demands on the hobbing machines, their automation systems, the clamping systems, the gear cutting tools and, of course, also on the personnel.

Ther are many challenges: flexibility and short setup times are frequently required due to a wide range of parts, whereas mass production is much more about tailoring the gear cutting process to short cycle times and low machining costs.

Gain a deep insight into the opportunities provided by the EMAG Group and allow our technology experts to show you a concrete approach to designing efficient gear cutting processes. A special advantage for you is the option of leveraging the broad technology knowledge of EMAG experts to your benefit.

Watch this recorded webinar!

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