Gear Cutting Technology in Practice

Applied Gear Machining Technology – Clever Solutions for Unique Challenges in Gear Manufacturing

Gear production is of paramount importance in many industries; yet, the manufacturing of gears and components is often a complex task – due to the gear´s special geometries.

With that in mind, various research efforts include new coatings for hobs, more powerful machines with watercooled and highly efficient direct drives and the further development of processes (hobbing) to name a few. However, in many projects – especially in the non-automotive sector – the focus is not only on the gear cutting machine and its machining process, but also on the general conditions, such as the workpiece properties, geometry, changing quantities, set-up times, autonomy requirements and much more.

In the following white paper, we show you creative solutions for gear cutting manufacturing. 

The recorded webinar and the related presentation are of interest to anyone involved in the manufacture of geared components - whether in small or large series production. 

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