Automated laser welding of synchronising wheels and gears on the laser welding machine ELC 160

Laser welding machine for high-productivity manufacturing

Laser welding is a high-tech manufacturing process without which transmission manufacture can no longer do. The joining of control gear and clutch body using the laser welding method forms the basis for a more compact and more efficient gearbox. Modern laser beam sources, combined with an optimised clamping technology, make for a welding process with little distortion and are a precondition for quiet, easy to switch gears. The EMAG LaserCell laser welding machine takes care of the press-fitting of the clutch body onto the control gear with a laser beam. The EMAG LaserCell is supplemented by different stages of expansion that allow for the generation of a machine specification to suit your particular requirements.


Further information on the laser welding technology used in the laser welding machine ELC 160

Automatic laser welding machine ELC 160 for the machining of gearwheels (laser welding of synchronising wheel and gear)
ELC 160 laser welding machine
ELC 160 laser welding machine
The ELC 160 is a modular system concept which can be configured for a wide range of tasks. The ELC 160 can be fitted with all laser technologies. Whether you are using a CO2 laser or fiber-guided systems (fiber, discs) – anything is possible. The ELC 160 is suitable for both manual and automated loading. The ELC 160 can easily be adapted to different manufacturing concepts and logistics.

The ELC 160 is a modular laser welding machine that can be configured to suit a large variety of applications. At the heart of the laser welding machine ELC 160 is a 3-axis NC machining module. The process modules are mounted stationary on the base. The different workpieces – such as synchronizing wheels and gears – are loaded into the spindle and moved from machining station to machining station. The process modules, fixed to the machine base, machine the component. Depending on the desired output rate, the laser welding machine ELC 160 can also be supplied in a DUO or TRIO version. As the machining stations can be used independently of each other, this allows for simultaneous production of different components.
Technological flexibility on the laser welding machine ELC 160
The laser welding machine ELC 160 allows for the use of any of the common laser technologies – whether you are using a CO2 laser or fiber-guided laser systems (fiber, discs).

Technical Data

O.D. mm 160
Workpiece height mm 60


  • Extensive integration of workhandling and laser-welding reduces the number of machining operations in the production process
  • A CNC mating press joins synchro and gearwheel
  • The joining process is monitored by an integrated force / stroke monitor
  • Magnetic preheating of demanding components (without adverse effect on the cycle time)
  • Optimized workholding technology reduces distortion of the synchro
  • The use of state-of-the-art CO2 lasers with the best beam quality results in perfect welding seams
  • All quality-defining parameters are NC-controlled and can be reproduced at any time
  • To safeguard your production actual values are monitored
  • Can be integrated into any automation system
  • The space-saving, compact design reduces the installation effort and increases reliability
  • High productivity due to short idle times and fast, safe set-ups

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The laser welding machine ELC 160 is suitable for both manual and automated loading, with the latter using a loading gantry or industrial robots.

The laser welding machine ELC 160 is equipped to suit individual customer requirements

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