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Rotary Chamfer & Deburring

Rotary chamfer and deburring – creating a chamfer with a chamfering tool and a deburring tool

In press deburring, a chamfer is created on the faces of the gear’s teeth by applying a chamfering tool and  deburring tool. The workpiece is rolled along the tool to create the deburring or chamfering effect. Rotary chamfering and deburring is a rapid and proven process.

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Rotary chamfering and deburring – the best alternative when chamfer cutting cannot be used

Rotary chamfering and deburring is an established process that allows gears to be deburred and chamfered quickly and cleanly. Rotary chamfering and deburring is used mainly when the chamfer cutting process is not possible due to the gear's shape.

Rotary chamfering and deburring is done using both a chamfering and  deburring tool. The two tools are each pivoted into the gear. Rotary chamfering and deburring is achieved by rolling the gear into the tools. This simultaneously applies the chamfer to the face of the gear. If necessary, burnishing wheels are used to prevent secondary burring.

The rotary chamfering and deburring process is demonstrated clearly in the following video.


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