• Pin chasing of crankshafts using grinding machines from EMAG Naxos
    Pin chasing
  • Diagonal grinding of crankshafts
    Diagonal grinding
  • Induktionserwaermung 300px 190px
    Induction Heating
  • Preview Vandurit Roll F E E D
    rollFEED® turning
  • Cicular griding for perfect roundness
    Cylindrical grinding
  • ChamferCut procedure allows rapid chamfering processes by the ChamferCut tool
  • Drilling in Action
  • Ecm Teaser
    ECM - Electro-Chemical Machining
  • Ecm Deburring Teaser
    ECM - Deburring
  • Ecm Drilling Teaser
    ECM - Drilling
  • Ecm Inner Forming Teaser
    ECM - Inner forming
  • Pecm Teaser
  • Rotary chamfer and deburring for rapid application of a chamfer on the gearwheel
    Rotary Chamfer & Deburring
  • Grinding on an EMAG SK 204
  • Hard Turning Grinding Teaser
    Hard turning / Grinding
  • Induction Hardening
    Induction hardening
  • Laser welding produces compact, weight-optimised components
    Laser welding
  • Oilfield Technology Teaser
    Oilfield Technology
  • Complete-machining of out-of-round grinding of a camshaft with two slides and four spindles
    Out-of-round grinding
  • Heat Shrink Assembly Teaser
    Heat Shrink Assembly
  • Power Skiving of internal teeth hobbing – the alternative to broaching and gear shaping
    Power Skiving
  • Scroll Free Turning Teaser
    Scroll-free Turning
  • Synchronous Support Grinding Teaser
    Synchronous Support Grinding
  • Turning Gear Cutting Teaser
    Turning / Gear cutting
  • Vertical Turning Teaser
    Vertical turning
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rollFEED® Turning

rollFEED® Turning

rollFEED® turning: 3-axis turning reduces machining time by up to 80 percent

Dramatically shorter cycle times, minimized tool costs, and improved surface quality, even at deeper cutting depths: The advantages of rollFEED® turning from Vandurit are huge. Even complex part geometries can be created in a single motion with just one tool.

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rollFEED® turning on EMAG pick-up turning centers

The blade is “rolled” across the surface. Contours can be freely programmed, without restriction. These include, for example, end faces and cylindrical surfaces, bevels, and convex or concave surfaces—internal or external. rollFEED® turning is ideal for users aiming for high surface quality or who want to significantly reduce the overall cycle time when turning.  

Third axis and special insert for impressive results

These advantages are made possible by a smart expansion of the machine: The installation of the rollFEED® unit on a turret that uses driven tools. This adds a third axis to the turning process, which is moved simultaneously with the X-axis and Z-axis.   

This means: rollFEED® turning can be applied on any EMAG pick-up turning center with driven tools—also by retrofit. A highly effective process is then carried out in the machine. The following factors are crucial in this process:

  • The specially shaped rollFEED® indexable insert rolls across the workpiece surface during the 3-axis motion, with the point of contact moving progressively along the blade. 
  • The motion is produced by horizontal swiveling of the tool with simultaneous compensation of the resulting center offset over the X-axis and Z-axis.
  • Large working radii make it possible to work with significantly larger feeds. The technique also produces high surface quality, right up to the corners, where the machining then continues on the adjoining side of the part in a single motion.  
  • Undercuts can also be integrated into the rolling motion.

Immense advantages

The single-motion rollFEED® process is up to 80 percent faster than conventional turning methods. Even complete machining of three sides of a part does not require a tool change. This ultimately means there are also fewer different versions of tools being used, which in turn means lower costs. The technique also achieves extremely high surface quality, comparable to the results of scroll-free turning or grinding.

Cooperation with Vandurit

The innovative rollFEED® turning technique was developed by tool specialist Vandurit, based in Leverkusen, Germany. It is now available exclusively for use on EMAG machines (with chuck diameters up to 500 millimeters). EMAG is marketing rollFEED® turning worldwide.

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