• Pin chasing of crankshafts using grinding machines from EMAG Naxos
    Pin chasing
  • Diagonal grinding of crankshafts
    Diagonal grinding
  • Induktionserwaermung 300px 190px
    Induction Heating
  • Preview Vandurit Roll F E E D
    rollFEED® turning
  • Cicular griding for perfect roundness
    Cylindrical grinding
  • ChamferCut procedure allows rapid chamfering processes by the ChamferCut tool
  • Drilling in Action
  • Ecm Teaser
    ECM - Electro-Chemical Machining
  • Ecm Deburring Teaser
    ECM - Deburring
  • Ecm Drilling Teaser
    ECM - Drilling
  • Ecm Inner Forming Teaser
    ECM - Inner forming
  • Pecm Teaser
  • Rotary chamfer and deburring for rapid application of a chamfer on the gearwheel
    Rotary Chamfer & Deburring
  • Grinding on an EMAG SK 204
  • Hard Turning Grinding Teaser
    Hard turning / Grinding
  • Induction Hardening
    Induction hardening
  • Laser welding produces compact, weight-optimised components
    Laser welding
  • Oilfield Technology Teaser
    Oilfield Technology
  • Complete-machining of out-of-round grinding of a camshaft with two slides and four spindles
    Out-of-round grinding
  • Heat Shrink Assembly Teaser
    Heat Shrink Assembly
  • Power Skiving of internal teeth hobbing – the alternative to broaching and gear shaping
    Power Skiving
  • Scroll Free Turning Teaser
    Scroll-free Turning
  • Synchronous Support Grinding Teaser
    Synchronous Support Grinding
  • Turning Gear Cutting Teaser
    Turning / Gear cutting
  • Vertical Turning Teaser
    Vertical turning
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Pin chasing

Pin chasing technology

During pin chasing, the workpiece is centrally clamped compared to the main axis, and entirely machined in this position. The workpiece then rotates around its central axis. Pin bearings are ground using the pin chasing process while the workpiece rotation (C-axis) and tool movement (X-axis) are coupled using software technology.

This grinding technology and others are used in crankshaft grinding machines from EMAG Naxos.

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Pin chasing of crankshafts

Today, the “pin chasing process” combined with CBN technology has become the industry standard for crankshaft grinding.

Eccentric grinding of pin bearings is achieved by the pin chasing movement of the grinding wheel, which follows the oscillating movement of the pin bearing. This is accomplished by an infeed axis (X-axis) with hydrostatic guideway, which is driven by a linear motor. The addition of high-resolution measuring systems in the infeed axis and in the workpiece spindle (C-axis) lead to an extremely precise system that meets the high quality requirements for a crankshaft.

In order to correctly position the crankshaft for this machining operation, it is moved and measured radially and axially after loading with a fully automatic integrated measuring probe.

In order to achieve the strict requirements in terms of dimensional accuracy and roundness, the machine is additionally equipped with an in-process measuring system that measures the required values directly from the pin and main bearings during the grinding process.

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  • Maximum shape and surface quality
  • No need for complex eccentric crankshaft clamping
  • In-process measuring system for high precision
  • High process reliability through complete machining in a single clamping operation

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