Bring your machines’ electronics up to speed again

Machine availability will be secured. Productivity will increase. Spare parts expenditure will be reduced.

With EMAG E-Tuning you will increase your machine availability and productivity, while decreasing costs of tools.

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EMAG E-Tuning - The favorable boost in productivity

The costs of spare parts for the older control systems on EMAG machines are typically considerably higher than that of spares for the newer electronics. The reason is that components for older control systems often are only produced in low quantities. With EMAG E-Tuning you will reduce the costs for electronic components and increase machine availability – advantageous actualization and modernization of control systems and other electronic components.  

This ensures the maximum availability and increased productivity of your EMAG machines – and at the same time a noticeable reduction in future spare parts costs. 

Cost-performance comparison for component replacement

Ask for your individual E-Tuning offer! We will check your machines and manufacturing systems and you will get a plan for optimization including a „Return of Investment” calculation.


Practical example: „Bottleneck” machines

Starting point

  • A production line with five machines produces 1,600 differential housings per day
  • Investment of EUR 22,000.– for a component upgrade on two machines used to eliminate in-line bottlenecks

Advantages of this upgrade

  • Cycle time improves in bottleneck machines increases line productivity by 12%
  • Surplus profit of EUR 6,720.– per day through the production of an additional 192 components at EUR 35.– each
  • Customer receives additional spare parts worth EUR 12,000.– for use in other EMAG machines in the group

Financial projection

Surplus profit through productivity increase over two days: EUR 13,440.–
New set of spare parts: + EUR 12,000.–
Subtotal (gain through upgrading): = EUR 25,440.–
Investment in component group: - EUR 22,000.–
Total (ROI in two days): = EUR 3,440.–


Soon, the investment of EUR 22,000 has already paid off. On day two an ROI of EUR 3,440.– has already materialized.

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