• Assembled Rotor Shaft (Electric Motor)
  • Stator Housing
  • Truck Brake Drum
  • Сепаратор
  • Bevel gear
  • Моноколесо
  • Тормозной диск
  • Кулачок
  • Сборный кулачковый вал (термическая сборка)
  • Коленчатый вал (для легковых автомобилей)
  • Шкив бесступенчатой трансмиссии
  • Коленчатый вал большого размера
  • Коленчатый вал (для малых двигателей)
  • Шарниры равных угловых скоростей (ШРУС)
  • Штамп
  • Cателлит дифференциала
  • Корпус дифференциала
  • Корпус распределителя
  • Ходовой винт
  • Фланец
  • Шестерня
  • Вал-шестерня
  • Вал коробки передач (термическая сборка)
  • Вал коробки передач (лазерная сварка)
  • Шестерня с кольцом синхронизатора
  • Зубофрезерная обработка шестерен
  • Корпус форсунки
  • Корпус ШРУС
  • Главный тормозной цилиндр
  • Поршень
  • Планетарная коробка передач
  • Кольцевая рабочая камера насоса
  • Железнодорожное колесо
  • Прокатное кольцо
  • Rotor shaft (Electric Motor)
  • Червяк
  • Звездочка
  • Цепная звездочка (производственная система)
  • Шестерни рулевого механизма
  • Фланец КПП
  • Truck Wheel Hub
  • Вал турбокомпрессора
  • Вал якоря
  • Приводной вал
  • Уравновешивающий вал
  • Гидроклапан
  • Кулачковый вал
  • Вал переключения передач
  • Ступица колеса
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Turnkey Manufacturing Solutions for Rotor Shafts with Hollow Structure

Turnkey Manufacturing Solutions for Rotor Shafts with Hollow Structure

Rotor Shaft: Turnkey Manufacturing Solutions for Rotor Shafts with Hollow Structure

Growing numbers of e-motors represent a challenge to production planners. In many areas of application, they need to implement new solutions for manufacturing components, such as the e-motor drive shaft, more quickly and more efficiently – with an integrated production system.

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Rotor Shaft Machining: Reaching the Goal in Twelve Operations

EMAG develops tailor-made, reliable, and efficient complete solutions for components such as the drive shaft or rotor shaft of the e-motor.

The following example shows what an integrated production system for rotor shafts can look like: an impressive sequence around the rotor shaft - with no less than twelve main and various secondary operations. The automation and interlinking of the individual machines and stations will be carried out with robots, gantry systems, and EMAG's own TrackMotion system.

The detailed process is as follows

  • After the operator has fed in the raw parts on buffer belts, rough turning starts on two VTC 200s from EMAG - a perfect solution for 4-axis shaft machining with reduced main times (OP 10/20). Blow-off and measuring processes follow. The measuring machine gives feedback to the lathes, which then carry out any corrections automatically.
  • After the internal gear cutting process (OP 30, forming), the rotor shaft bearing seats are induction heated and hardened in OP 40 on a MIND L 1000 from EMAG eldec.
  • The next operations performed on two VTC 200 CD machines (OP 50, internal turning) and two VTC 200 machines (OP 60, bore machining) from EMAG are also interesting. Both processes are carried out in parallel on two machines in order to increase output. The rotor shaft is then blown off a second time, measured, and the good parts are described with a DMC.
  • In OP 70, two assembly processes take place, with a sleeve and a lid being joined.
  • A final turning operation (OP80) by VTC 200 perfects the collar and seats of the rotor shaft. Blowing-off, measuring, and stacking complete the line.


The machining processes are very stable, which is reflected in the component quality. At the same time, the customer benefits from a flexible cell solution that could be expanded at any time to meet increasing capacity requirements. This flexibility is evident in every detail, right down to the automation. In addition, various intelligent mold change strategies ensure that there is very little downtime.


Find here more information about machining of rotor shafts in our webinar: "The Rotor Shaft - Efficient Manufacturing Solutions for an Essential Part in E-Mobility"


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  • Perfectly configured manufacturing systems that offer high stability and process reliability
  • Turnkey solutions with development of a lean and reliable production system
  • Low development expenses for the customer, as the entire planning of the production solution is performed by a single provider
  • One contact person for all processes

Scroll-free turning ensures perfect sheet package surface finish

However, this is not the end of EMAG's major e-mobility project, because EMAG has also developed a solution for high-precision overturning of the rotor-sheet package using the VTC 200 machine. The scroll-free turning process is used: here, a rolling motion of the tool takes place on the workpiece - an obliquely set CBN cutting edge moves over the rotating workpiece. The cutting edge engagement point moves on continuously. The whole process is around five to six times faster than conventional hard turning and up to three times faster than grinding. Despite this, the result is excellent quality without twist. In other words, surfaces that previously had to be ground can be peel turned in the future. This is an ideal solution for the stack of sheets surrounding the shaft.

More about Scroll-free Turning

Scroll-free turning ensures perfect sheet package surface finish

Scroll-free turning ensures perfect sheet package surface finish


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