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VDZ 520 / VDZ 520 DS

Single-spindle and double-spindle VDZ 520 and VDZ 520 DS CNC vertical lathes

The latest synchronous drive technology with a performance of 64.4 kW and 1,110 Nm nominal torque: The CNC vertical lathes of the single-spindle variant VDZ 520 and the double-spindle VDZ 520 DS enable powerful cutting.

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The first choice for serial production in the automotive industry

Cost-effectiveness, efficiency, flexibility, and numerous automation possibilities make the VDZ 520 and the VDZ 520 DS the first choice in the automotive industry.

Stable machine bed made of cast-iron

A stable machine bed made of cast-iron ensures optimum damping characteristics and a maximum degree of smoothness for heavy machining.

Performance data of the VDZ 520 and VDZ 520 DS CNC vertical lathes:

  • Space-saving construction
  • For workpieces up to 400 mm of height and 550 mm of diameter
  • Turning diameter 550 m
  • Speed up to 2,800 rpm
  • Single-spindle as VDZ 520 or doubly productive as the double-spindle VDZ 520 DS
  • Spindle hole 72 mm
  • Latest synchronous drive technology with a performance of 64.4 of kW and 1,110 Nm nominal torque
  • Rapid traverse rates up to 60 m/min
  • For tools (powered/not powered) up to 290 mm in length
  • NC turret with 12 compartments – the VDI 50 holder is integrated into the casing
  • Modular machine concept for a wide range of applications
  • A large variety of automation opportunities for large and small series
  • High-precision in-process measurement
  • Easily accessible work and service area
  • Optional Y axis with a traverse of +140/-140mm

Технические характеристики

Chuck dia., max. mm
Drive power (100%ED) kW
Torque, max. Nm
RPM, max. rpm 2,800
X-axis travel mm
Y-axis travel mm
± 140
± 5.5
Z-axis travel mm
Tool system* VDI 50
*= Variations possible. For further information in respect of technical data please address our competent contact persons.


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