EMAG VL - Electrical






Course ID:    VL_EL_101_32i
Length:        24 hours
Prerequisites:    Experience in Electrical controls and circuits.

Target Personnel:    

This course is intended for personnel who perform Electrical maintenance and repairs on an EMAG machine equipped with a Fanuc 32i CNC control. This course will be limited to the machine operation with a minor overview of peripheral devices if applicable.


This course is designed to use a combination of lessons and hands on exercises to meet the objectives and is non-invasive to machine electrical assemblies. To enhance the interaction between students and instructor, it is strongly suggested that the course be restricted to a maximum of six students. This will provide the best hands on learning exposure.


Upon completion, the student will be able to:

  • Describe the general overview of machine & electrical components
  • Describe the CNC and PLC hardware and control components
  • Describe and explain specific machine data
  • Describe all components of the axes, spindle and turret drives
  • Demonstrate and explain the CNC control and machine control panel
  • Demonstrate and explain the chuck length measuring operations
  • Demonstrate and explain the distanced coded glass scale (if equipped)
  • Identify and explain the usage of special switches, function keys and key-operated switches
  • Explain the use of the machines cooling unit and its compact controller
  • Perform preventive maintenance tasks
  • Demonstrate and explain homing procedures for all used axes
  • Understanding of electrical schematics for the machine
  • Troubleshooting using electric schematics, PLC and the machine fault texts


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