Developments and prototyping are crucial for optimum solutions

Creating an optimized machining solution starts with defining the appropriate machine and planning the production processes. With our comprehensive consulting services, our EMAG ServicePlus experts will provide you with the support you need to make the right decisions. 

Process development

Based on the problems facing our customer, this service includes the complete development of new technologies, subassemblies and production systems. We can also assist in series production if necessary. We will provide you with a customized solution, taking all economic and legal requirements into account.


We provide you with competent advice in all machining technologies throughout development. This includes turning, milling, drilling and grinding – but can also mean “new” technologies relating to the wide range of workpieces. EMAG will develop an overall production concept for every machining problem: starting with the customer’s workpiece, developing the necessary tools and then optimizing the machining parameters and workflow.


  • Professional and knowledgeable advice in the event of machining problems
  • Finding and developing solutions

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