Component replacement at EMAG: quick replacement - short downtime

When a central component of a machine tool is damaged or worn, it has to be repaired quickly. The longer a machine is out of action, the more it will cost. While speed is important however, quality should not be compromised. The machine should be able to produce on the same level as it was before the conversion – making high quality, original spare parts a requirement.  

High quality and quick response times—these factors are guaranteed by the retrofit experts at EMAG. Damaged components are always replaced with new parts or refurbished parts that are like new, no exception. The experts at EMAG make sure that a refurbished main spindle, for example, demonstrates a similar level of performance and stability—guaranteed for 12 months. Reconditioned replacement components also constitute a low-cost alternative to buying a new machine.

Fast processes guaranteed

At the same time, speed is crucial for the EMAG component replacement service. EMAG has a huge range of standard components on hand for fast replacement at any time. However, even if the machine is relatively old and the required component is no longer available in stock, a repair can be completed quickly. 

Solutions range from a simple on-site repair at the customer's facility, to a complete factory overhaul of the component, which generally takes between five and seven days.


  • Versatile service—also on site
  • Rapid response times
  • New build of components
  • Reconditioned components at low cost
  • Many standard components in stock

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