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Profit, quickly by combining our financing offer with available EMAG stock machines. Typically used at trade shows or for demonstrations, these machines are like-new and are available almost immediately. If you would like a quote, have more questions or wish to discuss our range of products please contact our customer service advisors at any time.

Overview of our Financing Offers

VL 2 – Small Footprint + High Productivity

A stable machine design, dynamic axes and user friendly operations are just a few of the outstanding features available on the VL series vertical turning machines. Based on the EMAG modular concept, VL 2 vertical lathes make it possible to utilize a variety of production technologies for soft and hard machining with integrated automation and a pick-up spindle, while still providing the best value for the investment.

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Financing VL 2*

Term60 Months
Interest rate p.a.0.00 %
Monthly rate2,500 € / $2,817

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Vertical Turning Center VL 4 for Chucked Components up to 200 mm (8 in) in Diameter

The VL 4 vertical turning center can machine workpieces up to 200 mm (8 in) in diameter. One of EMAG’s modular turning center, the VL 4 stands out because of its super compact design. Like all vertical turning centers in this series, the VL 4 features an integrated pick-up automation system.

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Financing VL 4*

Term60 Months
Interest rate p.a.0.00 %
Monthly rate2,900 € / $3,268

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VL 6 – Vertical Lathe for the Machining of Heavy Workpieces up to 300 mm (12 in) in Diameter

The VL 6 vertical lathe machine offers the same features as the other EMAG modular systems, but for larger, heavy workpieces. Equipped with a standard workpiece conveyor and pick-up spindle, this CNC lathe machine minimizes chip-to-chip times by loading itself. With a machine base made of MINERALIT polymer concrete, a material known for its excellent damping quality, this system offers extended tool life and outstanding surface finishes.

More about VL 6Financing VL 6*

Term60 Months
Interest rate p.a.0.00 %
Monthly rate

3,600 € / $4,057

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VT 2 – Maximum Efficiency in Shaft Production

Four axes, short travel times and a powerful main spindle are just a few of the strengths of the VT 2 turning machine. The use of a “two-sided” production process massively reduces machining times on VT lathes, allowing for large batch sizes to be quickly manufactured.

More about VT 2Financing VT 2*

Term60 Months
Interest rate p.a.0.00 %
Monthly rate3,900 € / $4,395

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VT 4 - Maximum Efficiency in Shaft Production

The VT 4 is designed for shafts up to 630 mm (25 in) in length and 200 mm (8 in) in diameter. Two tool turrets, each with 11 tool positions, are available to perform the machining (one tool position on each turret is occupied by the workpiece gripper). This enables simultaneous four-axis machining of workpieces from two sides.

More about VT 4Financing VT 4*

Term60 Months
Interest rate p.a.0.00%
Monatliche rate5,200 € / $5,860

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VL 3 DUO – Multi-Spindle Machines for the High-Productive Manufacturing of Chucked Parts

EMAG has extended the VL series product range with the VL 3 DUO, a twin-spindle machine solution for the highly productive manufacturing of chucked parts up to 150 mm (6 inches) in diameter.

The VL 3 DUO integrates all of the most recent EMAG technological developments (including self-loading spindle, the TrackMotion automation system and the modular design of the machine) to create a highly productive manufacturing system with a minimum footprint.

More about VL 3 DUOFinancing VL 3 DUO*

Term60 Months
Interest rate p.a.0,00 %
Monthly rate5,400 € / $6,085

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* Financing calculation subject to change in cooperation with Siemens Finance. Financing offer only applies to Germany and is limited.

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