Industry 4.0 cooperation: EMAG acquires shares in data analytics specialist anacision

09/20/2018 - Markus Isgro

E M A G Fingerprint Machine

Comprehensive analysis of the many kinds of sensor and product data generated by every machine during operation is a key prerequisite for Industry 4.0 solutions. As a result, know-how related to these data analytics is strategically important for future developments in mechanical engineering. Against this background, the EMAG Group is acquiring a minority share in the company anacision, a data analytics specialist based in Karlsruhe, Germany. Together, the partners plan to develop software solutions for EMAG machine tools—e.g. for predictive maintenance, which is considered a key innovation of Industry 4.0 by many experts. anacision will then be able to use the results to drive comparable solutions in other industries and for other technologies.

IT and machine tools – the development of Industry 4.0 solutions for the “intelligent factory” is based on a wide range of technical expertise and empirical knowledge. Merely bringing together experts in data analytics and machine design every now and then is not enough. “Instead, we need to build a shared pool of knowledge and maintain a continuous exchange of information, even across companies,” says Markus Heßbrüggen, CEO of EMAG Group.“Against this background, we consider our minority share in anacision the starting point of a far-reaching strategic development partnership in Industry 4.0.” 

“Predictive Maintenance” is a good example: In this area, EMAG and anacision are already collaborating in an interdisciplinary project team focused on the further development of EMAG’s “Fingerprint” diagnostics program.. In the future, the software will be able to automatically analyze the movement of machine axes and deliver reliable information about the condition of mechanical assemblies and components. “Fingerprint” notifies users of available measures on its own, whenever necessary. This makes any potential maintenance “predictive.” The corresponding algorithms are currently being developed based on a thorough data analysis. To this end, EMAG relies on the expertise and long-lasting empirical knowledge of the data specialists at anacision. Together, the two companies have the manpower necessary to drive future EMAG Industry 4.0 solutions at a high pace over the coming years.

Both partners benefit

Not least, anacision is using the newfound knowledge in applications beyond the tool market: Software modules that arise out of the collaboration between EMAG and anacision may also benefit other industries. “Together, we plan to develop artificial intelligence software for maintenance and to optimize production, with a high degree of innovation,” says Markus Frondorf, Managing Director of anacision GmbH. “This results in great steps towards the implementation of Industry 4.0 concepts. The focus is always on business value.”

About anacision GmbH 

The company was founded in December 2015 as a subsidiary of EXXETA AG in Karlsruhe, Germany, and has been growing quickly since. anacision's mission is to support its clients on their path to becoming data-driven businesses. To achieve this, its specialists analyze data to identify existing potentials and develop artificial intelligence software. The company numbers automakers and automotive industry suppliers among its clients. anacision also takes part in various research projects, for example in cooperation with the FZI information technology research institute at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

About EMAG GmbH & Co. KG

EMAG was founded in 1867 under the name “Eisengießerei und Maschinenfabrik AG” in Bautzen, Saxony. Since 1969, the company headquarters are in Salach (Baden-Württemberg). In 1992, the EMAG Group set new standards when it presented the world's first vertical turning center with a pick-up spindle and proceeded to become the global market leader for this type of machine. Today, the group is known mainly for manufacturing systems used in mass production. Be it turning centers, grinding machines, gear cutting machines, laser welding machines, EMC machines, joining machines, or hardening machines—EMAG has the perfect manufacturing solution for virtually any application. The company employs more than 3,000 people across 34 locations worldwide and generated a turnover of €590 million in the past year. 


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