Increased flexibility through process integration

07/27/2015 - Markus Isgro

C204 Teaser

When the time comes to finish such hardened workpieces as shafts, a variety of processes can be used. Hard turning and scroll-free turning, for instance, are two options that can indeed be done quickly. But they can only be used if workpiece qualities and geometry are just right. Otherwise, grinding becomes the process of choice. This creates a difficult decision: Just which technology or which machine should I select as a manufacturing planner?

Several processes on one machine

The optimal solution is, of course, the one that requires you to make no decision at all because you can draw on all technologies at the very same time. This is exactly the concept that EMAG is applying with the VTC 100 GT, a shaft machine on which all end production technologies can be used. As a result, the user has maximum flexibility and can retool the machine with the technology that best suits the component to be produced.

Perfect accessibility and integrated automation

The user also profits from another feature. The machine provides optimal accessibility despite its small footprint. As a result, nothing can stand in the way of rapid retooling. An integrated turret with 11 tool stations ensures rapid machining. This disc-type turret is also equipped with a tool gripper that can be used to automatically load the machine from the integrated conveyor belt.
In addition to the disc-type turret, the machine comes with a grinding wheel. As a result, a grinding operation can be conducted immediately after the turning process – in the same set-up – a bonus feature that not only reduces processing time, but also eliminates reclamping errors.

Flexibility pays off

There is no doubt about it. Users of the VTC 100 GT hold all the aces. Depending on the workpiece involved, they can select the best-possible end-machining process, an option that pays off in terms of machining time, workpiece quality and energy consumption. The integrated automation and the array of machining technology options in a single set-up also help lower costs because workpiece quality rises as the machining time falls – a real win-win situation for users.


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