EMO Press release: Gear Hobbing Machine 300 for gear- and shaft-type components

08/16/2007 - Oliver Hagenlocher


The gear profiling specialist Jos. Koepfer & Söhne GmbH, domiciled in Furtwangen, is presenting their Gear Hobbing Machine 300 at EMO 2007 in Hanover. The machine combines cutting edge technology with the highest degree of universality and flexibility in the machining of gear- and shaft-type workpieces up to module 4.

The gear hobbing all-rounder
Manufacturing companies are under enormous time and cost pressures. It makes it absolutely crucial that their production machine concepts should be adaptable to suit their machining requirements. The K 300 has been specially designed for the machining of a variety of components and batch sizes.
Its application range includes gear-type as well as shaft-type components. To ensure that these can be produced also in larger quantities, and to cover just about every conceivable gear cutting task, the Gear Hobbing Machine 300 comes with a selection of automation systems.
9 CNC axes for optimal gear profiles
The Gear Hobbing Machine 300 features 9 active CNC axes that accommodate a fully automated machining process. However, optimal results can only be achieved on a concrete basis. It is the reason why the development engineers at Koepfer have opted for a machine base in MINERALIT®. The vibration damping properties of this polymer granite are 8 times better than those of grey cast iron. This material forms a static, dynamic and thermo-stable foundation for the machine and guarantees an excellent tool life and a superb surface finish. The machine is of a closed-loop framework design that offers maximum stability for tailstock and main spindle, even when great clamping pressure and heavy cutting forces are applied. Maintenance-free direct drives in all tool and workpiece axes ensure that the gear cutting quality achieved is the best and that it remains so throughout the life of the machine. The milling head has been aligned diagonally to the machine base to guarantee easy chip flow during wet and dry machining. This design allows the chips to fall unhindered into the chip conveyor below. Two further important points in the development of the machine were easy access and an ergonomically designed machining area. The latter offers the possibility to mount NC pilot tools such as wheels or turning tools for deburring, vibration dampers, sensors for automatic component orientation, or special applications such as live deburring tools.

Compact loader with flexible workpiece magazines
The principle of highly flexible magazines and automation equipment that was applied to other Koepfer gear hobbing machines has also been applied and adapted to the K 300, whereby close attention has been paid to the different machine and workpiece requirements. The cornerstone of the automation is the fast acting Koepfer loading device with V- profile gripper, suitable for workpieces of up to 5 kg. Also available are a variety of magazines for the raw-parts and finish-machined components of different ranges of workpieces. The capacity of the magazines – and thus the autonomy of the machine – can be increased very easily, and without taking up additional space, by employing various parallel running workpiece feeders. This ensures the machine can handle small component batches as easily as large quantities of workpieces.

The control system of the Gear Hobbing Machine 300
The control system of the K 300 is equipped with a touch panel and a user interface that closely resembles Windows. The specially developed, extensive Koepfer dialogue software ensures that complex programs can be generated with ease. The control system also offers comprehensive diagnostic functions, including the possibility for Koepfer service engineers to directly access the machine online (Teleservice).


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