• 1
    CVT Pulley
  • The rotor shafts for electric motors are produced completely on EMAG machines.
    Rotor shaft (electric motor)
  • Articulated cage—produced on an EMAG vertical turning center VTC 100-4
    Articulated cage
  • PECM for the machining of blisks
  • Brake Disc Preview
    Brake disc
  • Cam Preview
  • Composite camshaft for a small engine
    Composite camshaft (joining)
  • Automobile crankshaft machined on the PM 2 series.
    Crankshaft (automobile)
  • Crankshaft For Small Engines Preview
    Crankshaft (for small engines)
  • CV joints make high demands on the machining technology. Core components: Kingpins, articulated cage, joint ball
    CV Joints
  • Dies Preview
  • Differential pinion—precision machining on VL machines
    Differential pinion
  • Differential Housing Preview
    Differential housing
  • Distributor Flange Preview
    Distributor flange
  • Feed Screw Preview
    Feed screw
  • Flange manufactured on VL 2 lathes
  • Gears are machined on EMAG VL series machines
  • Gear Shaft Preview
    Gear shaft
  • Composite gear shaft manufactured with high precision by the use of EMAG heat shrink assembly technology.
    Gear shaft (joining)
  • Gear Shaft Laser Welding Preview
    Gear shaft (laser welding)
  • Gear With Synchronising Wheel Preview
    Gear with synchronising wheel
  • Gear of an automobile gearbox manufactured on a VLC 200 H
    Hobbing gears
  • Injectorbody Preview
    Injector body
  • Machines by the EMAG Group for Outer Race Production
    Outer Race
  • Master Brake Cylinder Preview
    Master brake cylinder
  • To machine pistons with precision poses a particular challenge for all manufacturing solutions
  • Pump ring production on the high-precision SK 204 grinder
    Pump ring
  • Railway wheel manufactured with precision on VLC 1200 turning centers
    Railway wheel
  • Roll rings are precision components
    Roll ring
  • Screw Preview
    Worm Gear
  • Sprocket Preview
  • Sprocket Preview
    Sprocket (Manufacturing System)
  • Steering pinions can be machined with great precision on the EMAG VT machine
    Steering pinions
  • Triple Sector Clutch Preview
    Triple-sector clutch
  • Surface layer hardening an armature shaft on an eldec MIND 750
    Armature shaft
  • Input Shaft Preview
    Input shaft
  • Balanceshaft Preview
    Balance shaft
  • Induction hardening through precision control
    Hydraulic Valve
  • Cast Camshaft Preview
  • Hardening shifter shafts with induction hardening
    Shifter Shaft
  • Surface layer hardening with the eldec hardening machine
    Wheel Hub
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Sprocket Production with the Hard-turn and Grinding Combination Machine

The combination of different processes within a single machine and a single setup offers enormous savings potential in terms of cycle times. With the machining of chucked components up to 100 mm in diameter, including for example, gears, cam rings, sprockets, pump rings and individual cams, massive time savings can be realized while still achieving top-quality machining results.

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Sprockets are especially suitable for machining on a VLC 100 GT.

A specific example makes the quality of the VLC 100 GT crystal clear. The benefits of combination machining are immediately visible when one considers sprocket production. After the machine is automatically loaded by means of the pick-up spindle, initial machining begins with the integrated internal grinding spindle. Drilling the sprocket wheel allows minimal allowance and is finish-ground with CBN. The end faces of the sprocket are machined with the two steel block holders also located in the production area. Employing hard turning technology for machining not only facilitates very short production times, it also requires no post-production step. The machining quality of the sprocket is then checked using a probe located between the production area and the loading station. The high performance of the vertical turning and grinding center is underscored by the fact that the entire process takes less than 50 seconds to complete.

With the VLC 100 GT, EMAG has created a system for the combination machining of sprockets that delivers impressive performance despite its compact construction. Loading by means of the pick-up spindle and use of cutting-edge grinding technology in combination with turning operations, in brief: the entire machine is designed for performance, as demonstrated by the sprocket example above. Whether in series production or as a standalone version, the VLC 100 GT from EMAG is a vertical turning and grinding center for a wide range of applications.

Images / Videos

Induction hardening sintered sprockets on the MIND 750 hardening machine

Extremely fast cycle times and high output volumes is the focus of the MIND 750 hardening machine with an annealing module for the induction hardening of sintered sprockets. The fully automated system allows two sprockets to undergo induction hardening at the same time using a twin inductor. With an eldec high-frequency generator is also possible to reduce heating times to under one second. The high precision application of the energy for induction hardening, and the subsequent joint annealing and cooling process, enable the sintered sprockets to achieve the required strength.

The MIND 750 hardening machine used for the induction hardening process features high flexibility, thanks to its modular design, and maximum precision on all movement axes and in the control of energy volumes. Whether a twin inductor, an annealing module or, as here, a complex robot is used for the induction hardening process depends entirely on the requirements of the production planner.


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