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Do you want to change your clamping device faster and more easily? With Spindelfix you can cut your set-up time by 30-40%, as the sophisticated torsion stop of the main spindle is omitted when the machine is switched off.


Spindelfix – you can now replace clamping devices faster and more easily.

Spindelfix ensures the faster and more effective fixation of the spindle. Automatic spindle fixation prevents any twisting of the clamping device when the door is open and reduces the setup times due to the fast and simple replacement of the clamping jaws, workpiece stops and clamping devices.

The retrofit offer

When the clamping device is changed, the Spindelfix element locks the main spindle mechanically (with the machine door open) at the push of a button and it is monitored by limit switches. After closing the front door and starting the automatic cycle, the fastening unit is unlocked automatically.

Standard clamping devices are available for the VSC 130 / 160 / 200 / 250 / 315 and 400 machine types. Special clamping devices are available upon request for other types.


With Spindelfix, you save 30%-40% time per setup operation compared to the normal setup times.

At three set-up operations a day and an average set-up time of 30 minutes, at an hourly rate of € 75, you save:

  • € 9000 at 120 hours in the year
  • € 750 at 10 hours in the month
  • € 187 at 2.5 hours in the week


  • Time and cost savings with the setup times
  • Short amortisation time
  • Enhanced flexibility of your production systems

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