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E-tuning updates and modernizes your machine electronics. Typically, the cost for old control components is much higher than the cost for spare parts for newer electronics. With E-tuning, you can reduce these high costs and perform a low-cost update.

Our EMAG service team is always available, and can provide you with advice, as well as the right spare part – quickly.


You receive a fair price/performance advantage compared to old electronic components.

When you request a quote on e-tuning, our ServicePlus experts will create a plan optimized for your machines that will include a return-on-investment calculation specific to your production process. This calculation will allow you to see, quickly, when e-tuning is worth it for your machinery.

The installation of the new electronic components is then performed as a complete service – i.e. the EMAG service technician will install and the components and test them in operation to ensure they are working.

Practical example: “Bottleneck machines”

Initial situation

  • A production line with five machines produces 1,600 differential cases every day
  • An investment of 22,000 € is required for a component upgrade at two bottleneck machines in this line

Benefits of this upgrade

  • The improved cycle time of the bottleneck machines increases the productivity of the line by 12 %
  • Additional profit of 6,720 € per day due to 192 additionally produced parts at € 35 each
  • The customer receives additional spare parts with valued at € 12,000 for the remaining combination machines

Benefit Calculation 

Additional profit due to productivity increase in two days: € 13,440

New stock of service parts: + € 12,000 

Subtotal (gain due to upgrade): = € 25,440 

Investment in component group: € 22,000 

Total (ROI after two days): = € 3,440 


The investment of € 22,000 will pay for itself within a very short time. The ROI of € 3,440 is already established within two days.


  • Benefit from the latest technology
  • Increased machine productivity

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